Fallen soldier all alone,
                                                 Fallen soldier far from home.
                                               Lying motionless on the ground,
                                                  The battle raging all around.
                                                   For now he is not all alone.
                                          This fallen soldier is welcomed home.
                                                         - Branden Hidalgo

inspired by wearedurins


Favorite Final Fantasy Quotes:

I don’t like your plan. It sucks. Your plan is awful. Think about it. It’s no different than what we did two years ago. We destroyed our own allies. We destroyed the aeons who had fought together with us, at our sides. We didn’t have a choice then. We believed that was the only way we could save Spira. Do you know what it felt like to watch them die? Right before my eyes? It was the only thing we could do. It was the only choice we had. I gave in, I accepted, I believed. I allowed it to be true. I thought I’d be able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. But I… It hurts so much. Everyone was so happy. “Great job, Yuna. You did it. You saved us all”. There were too many smiles to count. And I know that I was smiling, too. But now…when I look back… The people who should be here aren’t. The ones who should be smiling with me aren’t here. We had no choice.” Always “we had no choice.” Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know… The magic never worked! The only thing we’re left with is regretI don’t want friends to die…or fade away. I don’t want battles where we have to lose in order to win. Nooj, I know that what you say is what you mean to do. Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna. ”


[MONSTER] Delinquent Monster Goromaking.

Japanese name: ツッパリ怪獣ゴロマキング
Romanized name: Tsuppari Kaijuu Goromakingu

Alignment: Kahn Digifer
Type: Gridman Kaiju
Inspiration: Dinosaur
Status: Deleted by Thunder Grid Beam.

From: Denkou Choujin Gridman - Episode 35


  • Goromaking was the only Gridman Kaiju to wear clothes.
  • He was one of two kaiju in the series that were capable of speaking.
  • In this context, the word “tsuppari” refers to the delinquent youth of Japan. Hence the monster’s appearance and modus operandi.