Archaeologists digging up old archaeological tools.

This is a GGAT (Gwent and Glamorgan Archaeological Trust) trowel we found in our trench. It had been left and buried at the bottom of their trench from their excavations in the 80’s.

Despite finding some amazing medieval pottery and such, i think this is my favourite find of the dig.

Photo taken by Matt Nicholas, found at Cosmeston Archaeology Flickr page


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Discover the Legacy of the First World War in Wales 1914-1919

The First World War was an overwhelming event which had widespread effects across Wales – no area was left untouched as the whole country geared up to contribute to the war effort   

One hundred years on the generation that witnessed it has almost gone, and what we are left with are the physical remains – buildings, landscapes and artefacts.  Archaeology has an important role to play in…

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