USAToday is reporting in “Report: Vaccines Safe, Side Effects Rare”, by L. Szabo that vaccines are safe and few cases involve extremely rare complications. In a related story, NPR’s Health Blog - Shots - covers the same subject in “Report: Vaccines Are Safe, Hazards Few and Far Between” by Nancy Shute (Pictured Above), the same message about safety and efficacy is delivered. Is it coincidence that two major news sources are covering this story at the same time ? It cannot be.

Neither story mentions the fact that the US S CT essentially granted immunity to vaccine manufacturers from civil liability for injuries arising out of the use of their products as of February 2011. Neither story mentions that since October of 1988 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has existed as a ‘no-fault’ alternative to our legal system for victims seeking compensation from a vaccine related injury. The claims are administered through the US Court of Federal Claims and some “Data & Statistics” are available on line. Bottom line, adverse events have occurred with sufficient frequency that a fund exists. The fund is the result of a 'tax’ on each vaccine shot which is then aggregated to pay potential claimants. Adverse reactions and the tax have combined over the years to create substantial funds and payments to claimants. Yet, the science will never be vetted or fully developed on this subject because the manufacturers are now at liberty to create and promote their product with immunity and impugnity. Wonder how long that will last ? Hopefully, not too long.

Gabriel F. Zambrano, P.A., is the sponsor of this commentary and blog. Gabriel F. Zambrano, P.A., has investigated claims involving adverse reactions, GuIlian-Barre and vaccine associated paralysis following vaccination. His interest in this subject arises out of his best friends Father having succumb to Guillian-Barre after a routine shot in the Fall of 2010 that has left him wheelchair bound.

What do NPR, Captain Morgan and Hips have in common? No, nothing to do with the recent claim his ship was found. Rather, it has to do with a technique to help reset a dislocated hip. Here is the NPR story: