as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death

i take a look at my life and realize tfw no gf


that being said, i have to give some credit to square-enix for managing to fuck up nathan drake so horribly that he looks like the >tfw no gf guy


Despite what he says Zach is not going to get a gf, what girl is going to want to compete with FRANKIE JAMES MICHEAL GRANDE at this point lmao

I'm really sorry for doing this god awful thing three times:

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gf: i am to have heart surgery today
bf: do not worry bb, all will be fine
gf: ok bf i believe u :*
bf: no worries gf have fun :*
gf: *wakes up from surgery*
gf: where is bf?
doctor: didnt he tell u, he is eating ass

does cat actually think she is the victim here like, u may have helped a guy cheat on his gf with no remorse but bc someone said something mean about it ur the one we should feel sorry for? ok


17’s gf cooked dinner over here tonight. She made something I’ve never eaten before and I can honestly say I’ve been robbed for the past 30-something years. Cream cheese chicken. Yeah. It’s basically chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese, covered in garlic & herb bread crumbs. It was fantastic. I just made an entire post about food appreciation and I don’t even care. It was that good.

anonymous said:

I keep crushing on straight girls and I hate it i hate everything i just want a nice girlfriend what do I doo

straight girls are super cute (unfortunately) so thats a tough one. luckily all girls are cute, not just straight ones. so hopefully u will find a cute gf soon!!! as far as tips, i really cant help you there because im single and i also have no game ;/ sry good luck!!

mama-jiru said:

Teen Titans, but if you get a lot of people asking for that then I'll ask Legend of Korra!

I’m still not far in LOK so I’m gonna go with TT

  • otp - Robstar of course
  • favourite canon pairing - Boy Blounder and his alien GF
  • worst pairing ever - Anyship involving Slade. Go away.
  • guilty pleasure pairing - RobX (I didn’t want to but I did and it’s getting worse or better)
  • a pairing you want to see more - BBRob
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” - Nothing but one time… almost… almost BBRae thanks to various anons and shippers.
  • favorite non-romantic pair - ROBRAE :D
It's true

Look I’m a Cam girl and I know many other girls are too. It’s so sad for us because we have to eventually realize that Cam is 20 years old and is an actor so he’s going to have kissing scenes and at some point will have a girlfriend and get married. The sad part is who ever his future gf/wife is literally the luckiest girl alive and we all know it probably won’t be any of us since most of us are just 13-16 year old girls. I just want his future wife to know how lucky she’ll be. Out of all of them I think Cam is the most boyfriend/husband material because he will literally treat you like a princess and has said how he would treat his girlfriend. So who ever you are just know how lucky you are and if you ever hurt Cameron… We will find you and hurt you.
It’s so sad how we all have to deal with the guys that we actually love end up with someone else…. But in the end, if they’re happy, I’m happy.