Haha…Wait, Staaan Piiines…”

You guys all remember this scene?

I’ve read theories that the “Stan Pines” Bill is talking about is actually Stanley, Grunkle Stan’s brother. It was just an interesting idea that the person Bill wants revenge agianst is not Grunkle Stan. It’s the brother, and Bill has mixed them up.

I’ve only ever heard it as an idea, never substantiated.

If you’re not familiar, the theory is these thin-rimmed glasses (which Stan finds in the “secret room” in Carpet Diem, hides, and then later cleans) belonged to Stanley.



The man seen during this flashback in Time Traveler’s Pig is wearing these glasses, believed to be Stanley.


This pair of glasses has thin rims on the sides and bottom. The top is noticably thicker, and dark.

Grunkle Stan’s glasses are the same width all around, thick, and rectangular in shape.



So let’s look closely at what Bill remembers




Bill’s history isn’t with Stanford Pines, it’s with Stanley Pines, and I’m willing to bet Grunkle Stan is going to suffer for it.


Gravity Falls Spoilers (Soos and the Real Girl):

Gotta be honest, Giffany was surprisingly unsettling. Props to the Gravity Falls team ( gravi-teamfalls ) for making such a cute and menacing mini-villain for this episode. I suppose having a character say that she has straight up killed people is a good way to make us take her threats seriously, haha.

In any case, this drawing was a lot of fun to do, haven’t had a chance to do something this pixel-art-y for a long time and, while it’s not perfect, I’m very pleased with how it all came together.

Winning Hearts by Daylight! Possessing Robots By Moonlight! Her emotional baggage is a real fright! She has the one name Giffany!

on the new gf episode there was a game in the arcade that was just called life avoider

and then Wendy was reading an issue of avoiding eye contact monthly

gravity falls gets me