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Happy One Year Get Wet Anniversary! Happy 1st Birthday, Get Wet! One Year debut of Get Wet! Whatever the fuck you wanna call this day, one year ago, Krewella debuted and released their very first studio album, Get Wet! It has actually been one year since this album literally took iTunes by storm by hitting Number 3! And even the hashtag #GetWet was trending worldwide as well! Honestly, all I can say is that Get Wet was really something amazing. Yasmine, Jahan, and Kris even toured across America and Canada on a bus on their Get Wet tour. The songs on the album were seriously perfection. My favorites included Enjoy the Ride, Ring of Fire, and of course Human! I loved how the album was truly inspired by their beloved Krew. I don’t know how anyone could not find a song they loved to death or could connect to so well. Like they would say, each song on there hits every emotion you could think of or feel. I remember they posted this post on Facebook and I was just too fucking happy for them- “

There’s something our Krew that’s different than any other community of fans. You formed into a team, a movement, a fucking REVOLUTION. You have an understanding that dance music is not about competition, cliques, and coolness- it’s about the togetherness, acceptance, and it is the bridge from one stranger to another. We’ve witnessed friends being made at our shows and through social media, beautiful melting faces singing along to our songs, hugs, kisses, & tears in the crowd. We’ve heard your stories about coming out to your parents, falling in love, feeling heartbreak, graduating, dealing with cancer, getting married, experiencing family tragedy….this all has given us the inspiration to create an album heals you, gives you power, and makes you rage your fucking face off. We promise to continue challenging ourselves as performers and artists to give you the best music we can make. Thank you for the endless support, Krew.”. It’s amazing how strangers from all over the place around the world could just bond over this music and these amazingly talented artists. Now the next step along this crazy journey with Krewella is to wait anxiously and excitedly for their second album to come out…sometime next year I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong. I can’t even put into words or emotions how stoked I am for their next album! Like that little teaser of one of the songs at the end of KREWLIFE Episode 8 was just so much to handle. Definitely got me more excited for the album! Congrats to my favorite artists out there, Krewella, for accomplishing so much and having an amazing and fun time doing it all. I truly love you guys to pieces and your Krew is gonna be here forever showering y’all with never ending support and love! Stay wet, Emily (PhillyKrew)