Reporter Gets Pink Slip For Cursing On TV
FARGO – A.J. Clemente, an anchor man for North Dakota News was told to pack his bags and not come back to work anymore after he cursed on national TV. A.J. Clemente, the journalist with possibly the shorted news anchor career in the US. Photo Credit: Photo News Clemente could be heard…

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What has been your general experience with teachers who are pink slipped? Do they get hired back? Take a year off? Work as paras for a year? HAve an easy time finding another teaching job? Curious about this situation. anyone else feel free to chime in too!!

In my county, teachers who have been pink slipped mostly get hired back, sometimes at the same school if they’re very very lucky, but most often at another location within the county. There’s a long period of time where vacancies are posted and schools *have* to fill them with teachers pink slipped elsewhere in the county. This goes in order of seniority (date of hire). I believe that after you receive tenure here (three years), you can’t be pink slipped.

I’m not sure if this is the deal elsewhere in the country too. Thoughts?

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How does a model know when her career is ending? Does the work just dry up slowly? Does the agency start training models as bookers or agents if interested, or do girls just get a pink slip out of nowhere?

Well, you have to decide whether or not financially its a good idea to be doing this anymore! Sometimes, you get older and you’re tired of trying to have a 34 inch hip, or you have children you need to focus on or whatever, you know? Its all different depending on the model. Some girls go and finish their education and realize they could be making a lot more money being someone’s accountant. 

As for the agency’s involvement, these days the agencies have expensive buildings and they need to pay for them. They are only keeping girls who make money. So regardless of your age, sometimes its just not your year and you can get dropped for not being in demand.

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When I get in a really bad mood and something upsets me I cry uncontrollably for hours, the event triggering it is so random Ex: one time I cried because I was 1 minute late to spanish class in high school and had to get a pink slip 😖

its okay
In middle school i got sick and started crying in class because i was having a panic attack about being sick. “I dont wanna be sick, being sick sucks and it hurts” I then went to a dance with a friend who i had a crush on but i started crying cause my cold came back and left, and he thought i cried cause he didnt want to dance with me. but no i just didnt want to be sick

On Monday I am highly likely to get a pink slip at work, since I am not a permanent State of Alaska Employee, and since the legislature cannot reach an agreement on the new budget. This means I will only have until July 1st to 1) find another job and 2) clear *82* pages of alerts on JUST our food stamp caseload 3) clear 7 pages of alerts on other caseloads 4) try to get as many benefits interviews done and processed to completion as I can 5) pay all of my bills as far in advance as I can and 6) NOT lose my mind.

This is why I am headed in to work in about an hour (it’s 5:30am here now) on a Saturday, withOUT my doglette, who has to stay home with her big dog and her daddy,

If anyone out there knows of a local job that pays this well, not only financially, but emotionally… a job that has always made me feel like I am actually and invaluably contributing to society, a job where I get to work with my FRIENDS, and where we take care of one another, and have fun and have what is probably too many pot-lucks, a job where my clients appreciate me and my bosses tell me I’m smart and great and fun and wonderful, let me know. 

P.S. Juneau Borough only. As much as I adore my coworkers in Ketchikan and Sitka that’s just toooooo far of commute LOL

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City Schools Staff Learn Who’s Getting Pink Slip

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Pink slips are going out to staff at some Baltimore City schools today.

According to WJZ media partner The Baltimore Sun, four different notices were sent out to employees letting them know whether their jobs were changed or their positions eliminated.

The layoffs are part of a cost-cutting measure in CEO Gregory Thornton’s first budget.

He says the layoffs will mainly be in the central office, but educators and staff who don’t have permanent placements could also be cut.

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You get a pink slip everytime you hand in a piece of work at the desk. This has been my past month…