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I can drive. My parents got me my car for my 18th birthday, but I have to pay for literally everything else (like gas and stuff.) Too bad Jasper takes advantage of that and uses me like some kind of free taxi service (and doesn’t even pay me back for gas.)

That’s when having two jobs turns out to be pretty helpful, I guess. I prefer walking though.

i don’t have fucking time for people trying to say niall’s gonna be a bad father bc of the way he held a baby in one or two okay do you have any idea how many door frames i smashed my kids heads against when they were that size..and i’ll have you know i am a fucking Fantastic Parent .. so can those posts just stop they make y’all look stupid as shit

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Sunfire Tadashi wouldn't just see Baymax as a cold outline. His brain is a computer. Computers get warm when they're working. Baymax is probably nice and warm.

Yeah you make a good point, honestly I’m still fully researching how heat and such works. I figured if he saw any heat on him, it’d at least be dulled given the heavy armor Baymax is wearing. Or it would at least be portioned out along him, so he’s honestly somewhat confusing to look at


Fall Out Boy lyrics ft. Black & White (1/?)

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P/s: I just found out that two of the lyrics are mis-spelled ;-( but don’t worry, I’ll fix it and add them to Part Two! x


Between Nikola and his oh so nice assessment of her appearance and Henry’s concern over finally catching one of the bad dreams, she figured it was time to cave. When Henry took her to the gate she followed quietly because well, 3 cups of coffee hadn’t even touched the tired or the headache.

She smiled when Henry went to take a look at some things and she turned off to Helen’s office, knocking softly when she got there.
“Good morning Helen. Umm, can I talk to you about something?”

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I'm so envious of your drawing. I have been drawing (traditional) for like 10 years and I can't even reach your level. is there a way to study about drawing and such? I didn't mean that I hate your drawing or anything, in fact I love it very much. I love it so much that I felt envious. Sorry if this may sound rude.

aaaahh.. Traditional drawing sure is hard and I can’t always buy the materials _(:”3
that’s why I jumped to digital art xD
Hmm do you know Deviantart? if you search traditional tutoriahere, l or tutorial or pencil color or water color tutorial there i’m sure there will be so many tuts there!

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