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Our own Chase Hoffberger was named Gentleman of the Day yesterday by some dude. Pretty cool, eh?

We’ll keep our eyes open for the prize money. -Logan

leadsyoutoyourfate said:

Makes a wispmist umbrella and hides under it, beckoning the fairy to join it. Wisps and rain are not friends.

Your muse and mine are stuck out in the rain together. What do they do?


{Being a wisp can be really helpful, ladies and getlemen. Fairies can’t get wet b/c of their wings so rain isn’t too good for neither of them.}

Update your graphics card your ladies and getlemen: Borderlands 2 is coming to Linux!

According to the report on the Gaming on Linux website (best website about Linux gaming), Borderlands 2 soon will be coming to Linux and the pre-quel is already confirmed too!

I played the first Borderlands a little and it is a fun game if you like art style of, which many people did. I mean if you want try out gazillions of fantasy guns, then this is the best game (I honestly don’t even remember what it is about).

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Ladies and getlemen (ladies especially) I present to you How I Touch Souls
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