Help Us Help You


We want you to want to use Kahootz and all it has to offer.

Over the past few months, we have been pushing ourselves out into every social media outlet possible to get user interaction up. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and our blog, we have had great success! We are getting many people through the Kahootz door, but we would now like to work on returning users.

What is it that keeps or prevents you coming back and continuing to use Kahootz and all it has to offer? What is that stickiness factor?

Kahootz is currently in its beta version, which means it is still in its early stage and has ways to improve. One major factor we are working on is a mobile application. If we had a mobile app, would you be more inclined to use Kahootz on a regular basis? Are you worried about privacy factors? Because everything you set as “private” makes it so only you are able to see that event and/or calendar. Do you feel there are not enough calendars? Because as soon as you ask, we do our best to have those made in a time-friendly matter!

As a whole, we love finding new users everyday – but we would like to see these users coming back and using Kahootz as their calendar for everything.

Help us help you make Kahootz your daily calendar.