Holy guacamole people!
You are going to wet yourself with excitement!!
Because this is a uber massive songs of the week!!
I think I’m slacking a bit with this songs of the week business…
I keep having up and down feelings about my anxiety, if I listen to music it makes me happy so I’ve kinda been listening to more. If that is actually possible… Pahahaha
Most of these songs I have been listening to for a while but haven’t shared them on Instagram yet! (:
There’s still songs I could share… like Pool! by Cub Sport. THAT IS SO JOLLY AND FAB! XD
For the past two days (Monday and Tuesday) I have been into college (even though it’s the holidays) to catch up with work. AND SERIOUSLY! I have heard nothing but Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber (that kinda rubbish
-___-) so I’ve been blasting my earphones and I’m surprised I still have ears… Hahahaha
;♡Cut Copy - In These Arms Of Love
;♡The Neighbourhood - Honest
;♡Sun Club - Spring Diamond (the lead singer reminds me of a more excitable and shouty version of Matt Healy! Which is great! XD)
;♡Surf - Sugar
;♡Get Cubs - She Knew Violence
;♡Holy Ghost! - It Must Be The Weather
;♡Born Ruffians - Cherry Wine (The music (not the singing) really reminds me of Vampire Weekends first album! : D )
;♡Waste - Blow
;♡The Starkins - Funky Beats
;♡Thumpers - Unkinder (A Tougher Love)
;♡Darlia - Blood Money
;♡Alan Wilkis ft. Joywave - Old-Fashioned Girl
;♡Crystal Fighters - Solar System
;♡Savoir Adore - Dreamers
;♡Propellors - Meow
;♡Blaenavon - Gods
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Get Cubs

by, Chanju Mwanza and Lorna Miri

Bringing a brand new, up-beat indie sound to the music scene, Get Cubs (formerly known as Arts&Crafts) is a band from Burton-on-Trent. After having had their track added to the radio 1 playlist, and gained daily airplay, the band have seen their success accelerate over the last couple of years. With their first headline tour coming up in April, there is no doubt that these boys have a bright future ahead of them.

Who are your musical influences? 

We’re all into different music, everything from Led zeppelin to Wu-Tang Clan but we all share a passion for Indie. Some bands we really like at the moment are The 1975 and Swim Deep.

What made you decide to change your name from Arts and Crafts?

When you search Arts&Crafts into Facebook or google it just came with the sewing clubs and paper mache techniques. As Get Cubs we’re a lot easier to find and our videos are the first thing to come up on youtube. We also just preferred the name :) 

How did it feel when you were told you would soon be played on Radio One?

It was great, we were all pretty chuffed. We’re so grateful for all the support BBC introducing have been giving us.

What was your main inspiration behind ‘To The Mountains?’ 

Sunshine, daisies, lolly pops and rainbows 

How does your musical style develop in the EP you are currently recording?

It’s basically the same style, just straight up indie but a lot bigger and better than what we’ve done previously. Although the last track is something you might not expect from us.

What are you most excited about for your April tour?

It’s our first headline tour, so we’re just excited about the whole thing. It’ll be nice to see the response of some of our new material live.

What is your favorite song to perform - and why?

Probably our set opener which doesn’t actually have a name… and just cause it sounds huge :) 

What else can we expect from you in 2013?

Bigger tracks. Bigger shows. Bigger dreams.

You can check out more from Get Cubs on their Facebook and Band Camp pages:

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Wir machen sommerlich weiter mit neuer Musik von den Get Cubs. Dürfte besonders Liebhabern von The Cads seeehr gut gefallen. Allen Anderen aber eigentlich auch.