Here you go, Tumblr. You’re so full of outrage at one thing or another, have a genuinely lovely news story about multiculturalism and kindness.  Maybe if we celebrate this sort of thing more it’ll catch on …

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anonymous asked:

Mlt be really into praise kink

Luke holy fuck he would be so into that. Hed get so hard when you told him what a good boy he was and how good boys get rewards fuck Luke is an ultimate sub

anonymous asked:

Does your daddy spanks or punish you?

Yessss. I do get spankins and other punishments depending on the rule broken. But I definitely get more rewards ☺️ (even though I’m a total brat 99% of the time)

  • hiii whats up everyone sorry i've been missing so many days and being spotty with replies this was finals week!!! but now i am free and hopefully will get to launching that event i had planned for a while now since we got a heckuva lotta people!! :-) i was thinking we could do a ~*charm bracelet*~ event where every character has their own little trinket charm thing (for example kovu would have a lion charm idk) and you basically use this icebreaker event to your advantage and try to collect as many of the other character's charms as possible!!! basically the character can give the charm to you if you managed to open their heart a little (shared a bromance moment, made them laugh, etc.) through asks, gif chats, or even event paras. the character with the most charms by the deadline gets a huge reward for our upcoming main plot!!! :-) yay!!
Attention Villagers and ...Others!

My knowledge has come back and… I …

Mafia is among us.. and… the mansion has gone on lockdown. The Boss, I can’t believe I let him slip away from my grasp, but he managed to lock us all in here and trap us..

However I do know what to do…

Villagers, you all know the rules of this game.. However, our friends do not.

Those in the Legion, the rules are simple! A murder will occur soon, and when that happens, you all must investigate! We will hold a trial and then you all will vote who the killer is… if you get him wrong.


If you get him right, you will get rewarded.

My villagers, the chances of you getting murdered is very slim, however you must help the legion! Please, oh please, show them the way to investigating because from I heard… of another event…

They sucked.

That is all, everyone.

The knight approached the docks, ships here were known to take travelers to Northrend for enough pay. He approached the overseer, throwing a small satchel of gold before he even began to speak.

“You seen two elf girls, child and the other looked in her teens, take a ship to Northrend?” He spoke quickly, his tone seemed more like he was hunting them than searching.

“None of that, warrior, barely any rides northbound and it be all soldiers or priests.” The sailor was taken by surprise with the money and the sudden interrogation, his voice gave him away.

Garrett nodded, “Thanks mate, send word to the An’daran estate if you see them, you’ll get your reward.” Turning around, he motioned Lup to his side and started walking back to the city. No scent or trail going southward, no clue pointing to Northrend, they didn’t even show up at the docks. If they made such an effort to hide, they wouldn’t even be on Azeroth. Draenor was too dangerous for Lansael, Marli isn’t that irresponsible when it comes to her sister. Outland, on the other hand, was a much safer alternative. It wouldn’t take long before he could find them if they did go to Outland.



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You know, every time I see one of those posts that says, “I realize that Erik is insane and murderous and dangerous, but I still really want him to end up with Christine.  That’s crazy, I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”, I think about that.

And what I usually come up with is that actually, most folks saying this really don’t want Erik to end up with Christine.  What they want is for Erik to be happy.  They want his lifelong sadness to be cured, at least a little.  They want something good to happen to him, in spite of his behavior, because so very much bad has happened to him and it’s not fair and it’s hard not to respond to that.  They want him to get rewarded, because he’s spent the entire book/musical/movie trying so hard at something he obviously isn’t good at and probably can’t succeed at.  And they want, after a life of being disappointed and downtrodden and denied all nice things, for him to finally, finally get what he wants.

And those are all reasonable things for him to want, and reasonable things for us, as the audience, to want.  He’s sympathetic in his sorrow and tragic past, even if many of his actions are inexcusable, and it’s 100% understandable for the audience to understand that and wish they could alleviate it.

But the base assumption in that wish that Erik end up with Christine is that she is the thing he needs to get to cure his sadness, make him happy, give him what he wants after a lifetime of unfairness.

And that’s where it falls apart, because Christine is a person.  She isn’t a thing, and when we make this wish, we’re demoting her to that level: not a person, but a thing, a prize to finally reward the Phantom for his suffering, a medication to help alleviate his pain.

I don’t think most people making that wish have any ill intent; they’re just thinking that they want Erik to be happy, so they want him to get what he wants, and what he wants is Christine.  They’re not intentionally thinking of Christine as a thing.  It’s just that, if you don’t look at that particular wish too hard, it’s easy to default to it.  And that makes me sad, because Christine deserves better (and so do legions of other female characters that fall prey to this phenomenon).

(BY THE WAY: Not an indictment of shipping E/C in the slightest!  There are plenty of ways that I think the E/C relationship can be interestingly and romantically portrayed, and of course lots of ways that their original Leroux relationship can be read as complex, nuanced, and full of varying degrees and kinds of love.  Plenty of ways to acknowledge it as having fucked up and problematic elements and still enjoy shipping it, too.  I don’t have a problem with the idea of “I want Erik and Christine to end up together romantically” at all; I just have a problem with the idea of “I want Christine given to Erik regardless of what she might have done/said/wanted, simply because he wants her.”)

(Wishes that make me much happier and more excited to talk headcanons: “I wish Christine had loved Erik and wanted to stay with him,” or “I know Christine loved him and I wish she had been able to stay with him.”  In both those cases, Christine is a person involved, instead of an object only defined in relation to Erik wanting her.)