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The difference is getting so much bigger, it doesn't make sense :((( Everyone is working super hard, I don't want to let bts down and the fandom down :( Thank you for all your hard work too, I hope everything goes well <3

I’m literally watching it in three different browsers now but I keep seeing the number drop… It’s so heartbreaking and I keep thinking about how the boys will feel if they don’t win first this time and that keeps me hoping that we’ll manage it for them…

its at 94.00 now ;__;

I want the boys to win so much oh my god I might cry

guys!! we got this!! we still have time!! keep your head up! we are all working very hard and i know it’s getting tiring and you’re starting to lose motivation but stay positive!! play heungtan on repeat!!
I’m actually super excited for tonight.

I have high hopes that they might actually do the thing. The “Rumple finally having a breakdown” thing.  I feel like it has the potential to be one of my favorite rumbelle moments, if it truly is him finally giving into all of his suppressed feelings and Belle trying to get through to him. Can you even imagine..? Her managing to get in and falling to his side and holding him while he finally lets out all of the pent up sorrow? 

I really think it would be such a special moment for him to let her in during such a vulnerable moment. He’s usually so careful about letting others see him at his worst, but with Belle, he nearly always lets her in. I don’t know if they’ll actually do it this way, tonight, but I do know that whatever they do is going to kill us.

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Hi, Tumblr big bro! I have a major opportunity right now to get more or less my dream job. I've been temping at a company for almost four months and my main supervisor is moving to new position, leaving hers available. I'm beyond terrified of screwing this up. I've spent the past four months preparing for my inevitable failure. Can I maybe get an older brother pep talk?

YOU WILL BE GREAT! You know why? Because it’s your dream job and you’ve been prepping for it. 

The job might not be everything you’ve hoped for, but it sounds like you are READY TO TAKE THIS ON. You know what you’re up to, you know how to be ready for it. 

All that said, if you are not an immediate shining success in the new position, don’t freak out. :D Even when you know your way around the company, settling into a new job takes time. Everyone has expectations and they don’t always remember to share those with you – sometimes people just expect you to know stuff and wig out when you don’t. Give yourself six months at minimum before you freak out when you don’t know something. :D 


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When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately reach for your phone? If so, what app do you open first? If not, what the heck is wrong with you? - anon

I do. In the morning, in the middle of the night, whenever. Usually I’m just looking to see what time it is and to see if I missed a text. But I don’t usually miss texts as it is on my nightstand and not on do not disturb (AHEM). Anywho, in the morning I check email first, then Facebook, then tumblr. I never get far enough into my dash. Sometimes, I just go to certain blogs and catch up.  I do all of this for five to ten minutes before getting out of bed to get the kids up.  Thanks for the question, anon! I hope we are still fellow countrymen tomorrow. Remember the Alamo. 

Alex Galchenyuk imagine

I slowly and harshly dragged the box cutter against the masking tape that was holding the worn out cardboard from exploding. I looked at my old photos of my friends and I in high school, kind of wishing I could go back to those days. I sighed hanging the collage on my naked wall, hoping that could light up the atmosphere. I kept taking more and more picture frames out with me and all my friends,it began to get depressing to look at. I put the rest back in the box, setting it aside: I need some new art. I walked towards my storage closet down the hall and plopped the box on the ground, not really caring if anything shattered. I grabbed my sweatshirt and my keys racing the door. I walked down the sidewalk all alone for the first time. People were pushing past in the other direction, all speaking a dialect I knew nothing of. I immediately found a little modern decor store that I wasn’t about to walk past; I needed to get out of the crowds of people immediately. I briskly walked inside, holding the door for an artsy couple behind me. I was taken aback by all the paintings and decor around the place. A young woman, older than me however, walked up to me with a warm smile,
“Bonjour. Que cherchez-vous aujourd'hui?” She asked, I stood there in confusion for a second; I moved to a new country with another language and I didn’t even know enough to pass an exchange of greetings. I tried to think of something to say, the woman looked at me as if I was river dancing in the middle of the store,
“She asked ‘is there anything you are looking for today?’.” This woman said in a Russian accent. She pretty, she clearly wasn’t from here: not to say every native is, ugly she was just a different type of pleasing to the eyes. I finally said something to her,
“Uh- No, I’m fine.” I said shaking my head feverishly to let her know that I didn’t need her help. She walked away after looking at me one last time, I was relieved that someone had helped me with this new place,
“I’m sorry but, your not from here are you?” I said walking over to the woman who helped me,
“No I’m not, I lived in the states for a while and in Russia, where my father was from but I’ve only picked up the translations not quite the pronunciations of French.” she said with a smile
“Wow, I’ve never met a Russian before- I don’t want to sound like I’m fangirling but that’s so cool,” I said rambling on with my nonsocial self, she immediately cut me off,
“I’m not a born in Russia-Russian. My father is Russian, I am not.” she said immediately making me feel like an idiot,
“I’m so sorry, I just assumed by your accent and stuff and I know that’s not a cool thing to do but I’m clearly not from here and it’s so great that someone actually talked to me,” There I went, rambling on again. She smiled clearly hearing enough from me,
“It’s fine,"she chuckled "Just don’t say that to my brother or he’ll freak out.” she said chuckling again. We ended up looking at vintage signs, I explained to her about my decor situation and she immediately obliged to help me. We talked about everything in the city; the sushi bars, the clubs and she even talked about hockey. I was surprised because I thought I was the only girl who knew anything other than Tyler Seguin’s personal life who considered themselves a fan of the sport. I told her my favorite team was obviously the Montreal Canadiens, because of my town of choice. By the time we made our way around the store several times talking about random things, we realized that we should be leaving. I placed my art on the counter watching the lady scan the price tags and peck some keys on the keyboard,
“I got this!” She exclaimed handing the lady her credit card; I was in complete shock. She was kind enough not to get mad about our earlier discrepancies and now she was kind enough to buy my art for my apartment: my jaw dropped,
“Oh my goodness, you shouldn’t!” I said; like I deserve anything good to happen to me,
“Don’t sweat it! Besides, you and I are going to be good friends.” She said with a smile. She was the most amazing person ever; Kind, pretty, sweet. I can’t believe she actually said that we were going to be friends; no one thought about me like that, other than the girls that only needed the answers to the homework. I felt welcomed for the first time, in a long time,
“Thank you, but you really shouldn’t have done this.” I said collecting my bags and walking with her out the door. She smiled again,
“Consider it a housewarming gift!,"She said, tucking her hands into her coat pocket, "So where is your apartment complex, if you don’t mind me asking?” She was clearly trying to not let this conversation get quiet,
“Um.. it’s something in French, but its right over there.” I said pointing to the tall luxury apartment complex,
“Oh my God!,” she said, making me nervous, “I live there too! What floor are you?” She said with such excitement,
“Um, I live in 516.” I said, she got even more excited,
“I live in 816!” She said leading us into the complex. She pressed the elevator button and we waited for it to open. We continued to talk about all the cool places to go to in Montreal until it was my stop,
“I’ll see you tomorrow- uhh…” I was dumbfounded, I was talking to her all day and had yet to know her name; am I that stupid,
“Anna. I see you then-”
“(Y/N).” I said with a smile and as if on cue the elevator doors closed. I walked back into my apartment now all dark and less cluttered and stared out the window onto nightlight Montreal. I felt an overwhelming headache and went to bed without another interruption.
I heard my house phone ring out through the serene quietness of my apartment. I groggily threw my hand on my nightstand, not bothering to open my eyes, just let the hands do the looking for me. I finally felt it in my hands, I pressed a button bringing it to my ear,
“Hello?” I croaked out,
“Hey (Y/N)! It’s Anna.,"she said a bit too bubbly for the morning,
"Oh, Hi Anna.” I said, somehow gaining energy from this phone conversation, “What’s the matter?” I asked rubbing my eyes,
“My brother has a game tonight and we were going to have an early dinner first if you would like to join us?” She asked, making my eyebrows furrow,
“Don’t you mean early lunch?” I asked, earning a chuckle from her,
“(Y/N), it’s almost three o'clock.” She exclaim making me shoot out of bed,
“Oh crap. what time is the dinner?” I said ripping off my old Led Zeppelin shirt,
“Well we were going to order sushi but we can wait till you’re here so you could choose what you want.” she said, her tone of voice seemed like she knew I was having a hassle. I tried to shimmy on a clean bra while still holding the phone to my ear,
“Great. I’ll see you in 5."I said, hanging up quickly. I grabbed a blouse out of a box and slid it over me; when I first got it I was petrified of people seeing me in it, now I could care less what someone thought about it because now it accentuated my curves, not making me look like I was going to explode out of it. I slapped on some shorts and flats and raced towards the door grabbing my phone and keys.
I got on the elevator silently, listening to the muffled jazz playing over the intercom. It stopped at the eighth floor and I tried calmly and collectively not to run to the door. I hesitantly knocked on the door,
"Hel-” a young man opened the door, his mouth was stuck open and his eyes had dilated; was there something wrong with me?
“Uh- Hi I’m (Y/N). Is this Anna’s apartment?"I asked backing slowly to see if i was at the right apartment: 816.
"Uh- Yeah! Sorry, Im Anna’s brother, Alex.” He said holding out his hand. I grabbed it and it instantly made my knees weak as I watched his veins dance on his bicep as his hands shook mine. I looked into his blue eyes, blushing; he mirrored me, his cheeks flushed crimson. We stood there not making eye contact for what felt like an eternity,
“Chucky, why aren’t you letting my friend in?"Anna proclaimed pushing past Alex allowing me enough room to slide into the crowded doorway. I walked slowly looking around the place; everything was hockey related; Jerseys, sticks, anything you could think of was mounted to their wall,
"You guys must really like hockey.” I said; they both looked at each other then bursting into laughter. I felt left out of something,
“What’s so funny?” I murmured, making them stop laughing,
“Nothing, nothing. What kind of roll do you want?” Anna said changing the subject,
“I’ll just have the spicy salmon roll.” I said watching her scribble something down on a notepad. she kissed her brothers cheek, running out the door. He silently walked towards the living room noticing my admiration for the items on the wall. I stood there studying the collectables on the wall. I noticed he was still looking at me,
“What was so funny?” I said looking at him with my arms folded over my chest,
“You clearly don’t know who I am.” He said with a chuckle,
“I can’t say I do.” I admitted. He walk over towards me looking at a Montreal Canadiens team photo; he studied it tediously, laying his index on top of a player,
“Look a bit closer.” He said, moving out of the way to let me see: it was him, standing there in full Canadiens gear. I looked up at him in shock, glancing back and forth between him and the picture
“No way! You play for the Canadiens?! I love the Canadiens!” I said watching him chuckle, his cheeks blushing crimson once more. His sister came through the door with a big brown bag of food. She placed it on the counter and started to pull the containers out of the bag, handing us our rolls. We all sat around the coffee table, watching NHL live. I would look up at the television from time to time, but my eyes were fixated on my food. I looked up from time to time noticing Alex looking back at me,
“Wow guys, good conversation.” Anna said, scoffing down a piece of sushi. I kind of chuckled, looking at Alex who was looking at me. Anna swiftly snatched a piece of Alex’s sushi quickly devouring it before he could get it back,
“Hey!” He exclaimed trying to grab a piece of her sushi, only to be swatted away. They both ending up bickering in Russian as I sat there awkwardly watching them go from shouting to laughter. I discreetly checked my phone; it was 4:36, I needed to go and finish my apartment, at least make it walkable in there,
“Thanks so much for the dinner, but I really need to get going.” I said, standing up; the both followed suit,
“I’ll walk you to your room!"Anna suggested: a guest wouldn’t be that bad,
"Okay, that’ll be great!” I said smiling at her, we walked towards the door, Alex was escorting us out. I turned around and looked at Alex who was staring at me,
“Score me a goal tonight.” I said with a wink, exiting the apartment. I stopped walking when I noticed Anna grinning from ear to ear at me,
“What?” I said as if I had the siracha sauce over my face, she grinned from ear to ear,
“He loves you!” she said locking her arm around mine as we skipped to the elevator.
“I don’t think he 'loves’ me.” I said stepping out of the elevator walking towards my apartment, she playfully slapped my arm,
“I know my brother and he is blushing more than a catholic school girl, and I’ve never seen him like that around a girl.” She said, her lips curved; I looked down at the ground blushing like a fool,
“See! You’re doing it too!” she exclaimed with a laugh, I’m sure all my neighbors heard her. I tried to shush her; and she listened,
“Alright, well if your tv is working be sure to check my brothers game!” she said walking back to the elevator. I unlocked the door and trudged into my room. I reached for my iPad going onto my NHL app. I had the podcast play as I unpacked the remaining boxes.
I started putting my plates away, then the podcast caught my attention,
“Alex Galchenyuk scored! Seven minutes thirty-nine seconds into the game!” the announcer shouted, making me grin. I started searching for pushpin to hang up my art that Anna graciously bought me. I pushed the pin into the wall putting it a vintage coca cola sign over top of it,
“Alex Galchenyuk scores his second of the night! Thirteen minutes fifty-eight seconds!” the announcer screamed once more making me jump on my couch in pure happiness. I collapsed down on the couch, exhausted from everything that had happened today. I closed my eyes drifting from consciousness, only to be brought back with inaudible screaming.
I was jolted awake by my doorbell ringing: I stumbled to the door, the sudden stance made me lose oxygen from my head. I opened the door and there was Alex with a long-sleeved tee that was rolled up to his bicep, he was holding a familiar brown bag,
“Hey!,” I said groggily, “What are you doing here?” I asked, tilting my head to the side; trying to act cute,
“I brought you some sushi, to uhh- well as a welcome gift.” he said trying to create an excuse to stop by,
“Well… I guess you could come in.” I said opening the door wider to let him in. He obliged, walking into my apartment, looking at the decor. He sat down at one end of my couch; I sat down at the other side. He handed me a container and we began to eat in silence,
“You know…,"I started pushing a piece of sushi around the container, still not wanting to make eye contact, "You’re sister and I had quite an interesting conversation last night.” he immediately shot his head up from his sushi,
“Uh… what did she say?” He choked out, he was clearly getting nervous,
“Well she said that you blushed more than a catholic school girl around me.” making him blush once more,
“Well she said the same about you.” he retorted, making me blush myself. We sat there blushing like fools till he spoke again,
“She told me to do this for you."Alex admitted making me smile. I stared into his eyes for a second and some how we scooted closer to each other,
"Your eyes are the prettiest color of blue I’ve ever seen.” I murmured; he chuckled,
“Your eyes are the ones we should be talking about.” He whispered. Suddenly I latched my hands to his face, my lips connecting to his. My fingers slowly moved into his golden locks, his hands doing the same. I instantly pulled away,
“I don’t know what just came over me.” I murmured trying to calm down my breathing. He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck,
“Would it be awkward if I said I didn’t mind it.” he said looking away from me. I grinned blushing some more,
“Well, it’s kind of awkward considering you’re my friends brother.” I said, sitting back. He thought for a second,
“Well, what if instead of it being 'your friends brother’ to 'your boyfriends sister’?” he said; that idea wasn’t half bad. I have this attractive, famous athlete practically head-over-heels for me and here I was a bit hesitant about it. I could finally prove to everyone back home that I was better than the awkward teenager I once was, I was being approach by an extremely attractive hockey player and here I was about to say no,
“Are you sure you want 'me’?” i said and he was dumbfounded by this
“Of course! I wouldn’t have kissed you if I hated you!” He said, his accent really showing through
“If I say yes, would your sister not make banter with us?” I asked making him grin,
“No promises!” He exclaimed cupping my face in his hands, pecking me again. He jumped all about making me chuckle. He raced out the door without another word. I looked around the living room: his keys were on the couch. I heard a knock at my door: I opened the door, dangling the keys off my index finger. He looked like a puppy that knew he was in trouble,
“Thanks.” He mumbled taking it off my finger,
“Don’t get so excited next time.” I chuckled, closing the door as he slowly walked away.

Hey there! This was written by the lovely baeden-schenn.. Request are open so send some in!

"Cuddle?" -Alex Gaskarth Imagine

A/N: Hi everyone, this wasn’t a request but I needed to get started somehow, right? But I do take request so feel free to ask me. I love atl with all my heart so here is my first imagine, hope you like it!

“Y/N, I wish you would come up here!” I heard your boyfriend yell from upstairs while you were in the kitchen getting a bottle of water.

“Alex, I’m getting something. I’ll be up in a minute.” I laughed.

“But Y/N, I want to cuddle now. I’m cold!” He whined.

“Use a blanket, its what they’re for.”

I heard a crash and then footsteps coming down the stairs, soon after I felt arms wrapped around my waist and myself getting picked up. I was thrown over Alex’s shoulder and dropped my water bottle on the ground.

“Alex!” I yelled as I hit his back while laughing.

“What? I’ve been calling you up here and you wouldn’t come so I took matters into my own hands.” He smirked, laying you on the bed gently.

He crawled next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist not without asking,


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So what was up with that coin toss you and Robert made me do? And why the board being filled with tallies for heads? -theheroofcolumbia

It’s quite fascinating actually, my dear. All those tallies were how many times ‘you’ from other universes flipped the coin and got heads. My brother was right every time in speculating you would always get heads, but I was somewhat hoping that you would end up with tails in one universe. At the same time though, it proved our theories about constants and variables. It is constant in every universe then you will always get heads when we prompt you to flip the coin.

The last 24 hours...

Before I had time to write blog post number 1, 2 and 3 happened. So here are all 3:

1. I was going to post about how frustrating it is that bio mom is suddenly back in the picture and when she is, the kid gets nasty with me, very nasty, and my schedule is totally up in the air as bio mom can’t plan ahead at all.  Bio mom has been making an effort the last couple of weeks and on Tuesday asked me if she can pick her up this weekend one evening. I know the kid was getting false hope about going back home and when she starts wanting to go home, she starts sabotaging her relationship with me. Bio mom doesn’t seem to understand that there is nothing more important to the kid than spending time with her. So even when she asks me if its ok, and she always does, she does it in front if the kid, so I can’t say no with out the kid melting down. I can’t say no, you have homework and a test, or no, we have plans, or no its my birthday and we were going to do something. Because all of those things will be sabotaged with her melting down and angry at me for saying no, because nothing is more important to her than her mom. 

2. Bio mom blew the kid off today. Kid melted down all day. Why does she always do this, i hate her, etc. etc. But, she is no longer being nasty to me. When her mom starts distancing herself, the kid starts being nice to me again. She doesn’t realize this is her pattern. 

3. The kid called a phone number for a state not nearby last night when she got home after going to an event with her grandma. (She’s allowed to call friends, but I check the phone records and she can only call people I know.) I asked her about him and she makes up a story about knowing him for years, and I know she’s lying, both by the story not making sense, and the fact they her voice and mannerisms on the phone with him were totally different then when she’s talking to her friends.  She talked to him a couple times today and I told her she’s not allowed to talk to him again until I figure out why she’s lying. She melts down about how i never believe her and always assume she’s lying, and I’m awful, etc. etc. He called again and she answered and I made her hang up. I called him back and he was very nice, said he met her last night, he’s 22, lives in xxx (far away), works for the crew of the event she went to, and no he had no idea that she’s only 14. Was shocked and swore he won’t call back (and started calling me “mam.” “No mam I didn’t know, no mam I won’t ever call again.” haha). 

She’s escalating and I just don’t know how much longer she will be able to maintain with me. I’ve been against residential, but if she keeps going like this, that will be the only option. It might be what she needs because goodness knows she’s not capable of keeping herself safe or making anything but bad decisions. She manipulates her family so easily, and I can’t keep her on lockdown. I still don’t think residential is the best option for her, but we’re running out of other options. 

I think one of the saddest moments in life is when you get a text message and check it but it turns out it was from your cell phone provider or someone advertising something.  It really makes me sad when it happens to me because I usually get my hopes up that it is someone who actually wants to hang out with me or something but it almost never is.  I also get mad at myself for repeatedly getting my hopes up when I know I shouldn’t.

Do you think there will be a time, about thirty years from now, when the President stops making public appearances?  Think about it.  The growing trend in the use of militarized drones, the advancement of robotic technology, the growth of anonymity on the Internet.  All serve to create danger for a President.  A sniper can be spotted by a counter-sniper but can a robotic gun with no heat signature and no movement be located and taken out?  How could the Secret Service possibly defend the president in an era when almost everyone has a personal drone and some of them are militarized?

I never liked playing the Battleship board game.  It’s stressful and difficult.  Even if you adopt an efficient search pattern you can still easily lose just because your opponent gets lucky.  The only fun part of that game is setting up your ships. 

I’ve always wondered who makes the clip art images.  And what is clip art?  Is that a brand name like Kleenex that has just entered the common lexicon?  I feel like brands like Kleenex are angry that their brand has become a common name for an object, but I think it would benefit them in the long run.

Betting on horse races is strange because they give everyone pretty much the same access to information about the horses’ odds and histories.  The whole point of investing is profiting off of information imbalances.  You can win at the stock market by knowing a lot more than the person you’re buying from or selling to, but with horse racing everyone is pretty much on an even footing.  Also why horses and why racing?  I’d like to see a cattle swimming arena, where you place a bet on Bessie and get to watch her lap a shallow pool.  Maybe they could put a barrel of grass in front of their mouths to get them to swim, like the whole donkey and carrot thing.  Isn’t it weird how the donkey/carrot metaphor exists when I’d wager so few of us ever see donkeys, let alone see them eating carrots?

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I don't understand how people like you make so much money on the internet? Tell me your secrettttt :(

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“The last and only time I went to Disney World was one week after 9/11. My father worked in the World Trade Center and the only reason he’s still alive is that I refused to get up for school and made him late. He was so traumatized he packed us all up and went to the happiest place he could think of. And while it was beautiful and I can’t forget the haunted look on my father’s face. I hope that one day I can take him back without such pain looming over us.”

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i think i need to tell u again: ur artmakes me so happy. Like for a long time ive just been sad and tired and lacked any kind of motivation ( its hard to even get out of bed) but ur art just makes me smile so much all that Jasico just makes me so :]

aww what’s wronggg D: please feel better soon!!

and i drew something for you too, hope it helps you feel better??? x’DD


#HAPPYDAESUNGDAY || Happy 26th/27th Birthday Daesung!

i know i’m late, but it’s still your birthdy somewhere in the world right? i wanted to try something different for your birthday this time, and although i didn’t make all the gifs i wanted to - i hope i still got to show one of my favorite sides of yours. your shit-talking, being a little piece of shit, and just all around being absolutely ridiculous is a part of you that i love so so much, i hope i always get to see more of that ;; i hope you had a wonderful birthday and have a wonderful comeback with bigbang~ continue on living and acheiving your dreams and don’t give up hope my love! i’ll be cheering you on and pushing you forward as always ♥♥♥

It’s been months since you left. You finally contacted me. “Can we meet up? I want to apologize for the way I’ve hurt you.” You never did get the chance to say all that you wanted to say. I never heard the “I’m sorry” that I rightfully deserved. You vanished without a trace, without any explanation. You broke me. You broke my fragile heart. And I have spent everyday since our last goodbye trying to pick up the pieces you left me in. And although your time has expired to say sorry, I’m still hoping you find your way back to me.
—  T.G. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #113

So I definitely have my hopes up for Skyeward in the finale bec 

  • Ward literally had the most interaction with her aside from Coulson on the mission


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Phantom of the Opera Markiplier (PS: I hope you don't mind me asking for Mark drawings!) :D You're AMAZING!!!

You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you

Who are you and how did you find my true weakness? The Phantom of the Opera is one of my all time favorite stories! Erik is such a fascinating individual and the original book I’ve read like 800 times. Now that you’ve got me started I doubt this is the last we will see of Phantom Mark haha.

As for minding about being asked to draw Mark HA! hes all I ever draw tbh, I love getting requests like this. and Thank you so much for the compliment. I hope this lives up to your expectations!

@katiesauter_ifbbpro: Awwwww yesssss. Woke up rested and ready to go this Monday!! Yesterday was long and busy but Last night I managed to finish all three of my nursing assignments/papers that are due this week and still made it to bed at a reasonable time 😀 currently getting in my cardio then smashing my fav meal of the day and hitting legs with my love @chazsutton …let’s hope I feel as good after my leg workout as I do now! 😂😂 happy Monday! #flashyourabs #womensphysique #wpd #ckfitsquad #ckfit #physique #prep2015 #NYPro #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #ifbbpro #ifbb

Remember The Fallen

I’m here to celebrate the HOPE of this episode. Yes, Oliver has given up all his life to join the League of Assassins and to be the next Ra’s al Ghul. BUT (this is a big BUT) we’ve also seen there’s hope.

Felicity is in charge

  • With Oliver

When Oliver declare his intentions to go to Nanda Parbat to get Thea to the Lazarus Pit and take his “rightful place to Heir to the Demon”, she doesn’t even hesitate when she states that she’s going with him and there’s no place/time for discussion.

  • With Ra’s al Ghul

Oh my! This scene was everything, right? We were waiting for this for so long. Ra’s was even enjoying it. I thought he was a misogynist pig when he kicked out Nyssa from her job position as Heir to the Demon. But Ra’s likes strong women, or maybe he just liked to be confronted by someone like her and like that for the first time in his life.

Some people is happy that Ra’s gave Felicity the last push she needed to confess her feelings to Oliver. I don’t like that, I want to think that she would have done the same if this wouldn’t have happened. It’s so retorted thinking that the man that’s taking away everything they want and love is the one that made that (the love declaration) happen. It’s not poetic, it’s twisted and cruel.

  • With Malcom

Someone said that they didn’t like that Felicity had acted out of desperation during this episode. What did you wanted her to do? She was desperate, there was not other way to be or feel. She was losing the love of her life and she had to do something. She couldn’t just leave him there.

She’s so fierce when she face up Malcom. It’s like she’s the only one who just don’t give a c**p about how dangerous he can be. For her he’s just a loser and a coward and she can’t even stop to think about his miserable lies. And then again, as with Ra’s, he enjoys his interactions with her. You almost can see him smiling when she shouts “GO!”

What is it with Felicity that villains end up respecting her that much? She’s a strong woman, she doesn’t need martial arts, archery skills or arms like trees. Her brain is all she needs.

Felicity supports Oliver, no matter what

When Oliver is explaining the “magical hot tub” he’s just looking at Felicity even though Malcom and Diggle were talking. They are having one of their moments when they communicate just with their eyes, he’s pleading Felicity to understand him. And she does, she just doesn’t want to lose him.

During the famous jet scene, Felicity brings him a blanket. Just before giving it to him, she brings it near her neck, like she was hugging it. Like she wanted to hug him, and then, he smells it, because he really wants to be close to her. Wasn’t this one of the most intimate things you’ve ever seen?

When Oliver started talking about the time he came back from the island, I thought (like most of us) he was going to tell her about the first time he saw her… yes, it would have been beautiful, but it didn’t really fit there, right? Anyway, he confides her that he killed that drug dealer that supplied his sister, just like that. This moment is so important. Not just because we see a vulnerable Oliver, it’s also important because he tells her about a part of himself he’s not proud about. He told Laurel this during the first season

“… if people knew, you knew, you’d see me differently. And not as some vigilante guy. As damaged.”

It’s not new that Oliver talks about the horrible things he had to do during his “time away” with Felicity. He may had never told her about the people he had to kill, but she certainly knows and she has never been scared of him. Just like in this scene. She’s not scared, she’s not proud, but she understands why he did that. She feels sad that he had to through that alone. That Oliver had to see what a mess Thea’s life was and he couldn’t go to her and hug her at least.

Felicity loves Oliver
And Oliver loves her back

We all know that, we knew even before they did.

I love the sex scene, who doesn’t? There were so many great moments with these two during this episode, it’s hardly impossible to choose just one.

One of my favorite is this, when Felicity just bares her soul and tell him how wrecked this is going to leave her. However, she doesn’t regret a single moment cos she’ll always have those good moments and the love they have for each other. And she just tell him that she loves him. I’ve always felt like Oliver knew deep down she loved him back, but his expression of wonder makes me think that maybe he wasn’t sure anymore. He knew she cared about him, of course, but love him? Maybe he had the hope she would and when she told him he was just so relieved and amazed that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

Both of them, their facial expressions are everything. Hope, love, lust, relieve, sadness. I could write a sheet describing the emotions we can read on their faces here.

The morning after bliss and Felicity Smoak, aka Matahari

They are both so cute here, I feel like squealing and jumping of excitement. (See? How can you choose just one Olicity moment?)

For me, this scene is so great because we actually see Oliver daydreaming about them and it’s so cute. He really wants them to be together, and for a moment, they are hopeful, especially him. He wants to toast for them giving Felicity some hope and his smile is everything.

Felicity, in the other hand, looking absolutely beautiful, is hesitant. She knows he has to stay, but also, she doesn’t want to give up and drugs him! For a moment I thought she had lost her mind. But god, love makes us do very stupid/dangerous things. She was so brave, my beautiful unicorn.

Al Sah-him loves Felicity Smoak

Stephen Amell’s vocal cords are a wonder. He has like 100 different tones and he has one for each moment. He has a soft one for intimate moments, an angry Oliver Queen one, an angry Arrow one, a cheeky one, a sad one, a happy one, confused one…. And another one when he’s Al Sah-him, and it’s damn hot.

And then, he suddenly changes to another one to talk to Felicity, thank her for trying and tell her (and the rest of the world who’s listening) that he loves her even more it.

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

I can’t even describe or analyze this scene. It is sad of course, but just like the rest of the episode, it feels hopeful, again.

She won’t forgive herself for leaving him there, but he really wants her to be happy. He tells her to not give up on that. This time there’s no goodbye, it’s too painful for them. However, for the audience, in my opinion, it’s not that painful to watch. We know hard times are ahead and they are going to hurt a lot, but this scene is telling us there will be sun and rainbows after the dark.