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I’m trying to get some proactive things done with my move approaching, like starting to organize/get rid of stuff before actually packing. I posted a couple pieces of furniture on craigslist and a local buy-sell-trade page, but now I’m stuck: my parents had a sort of weird niche art collection in the late 80s/early 90s and my mom gave me several prints when I moved here so that I could sell them if needed - now that I’m pretty strapped for cash, I’m looking online and feel like I have no idea how to start selling these. I’ve found current list prices, but just feel like eBay or etsy is not going to attract the right buyers. Any advice? They’re P. Buckley Moss prints, if that helps - she almost exclusively paints the Amish (like I said…weird niche). I just want them gone and to get my money’s worth out of them.

The Man of The House(Closed RP)


Jason was a good kid, or he had been once apoun a time. He wasn’t really good or a kid anymore, but to be fair he had a mother at home who needed him. He was the only source of income in their house, what with her being addicted to crack which had finally reached Gotham and his dad being dead. So he did what he could to get money, stealing, fighting, watching out for cops and he had even thought about turning tricks a few times. He never went through with it, despite every pimp he had asked for facts on the money part telling him that if he let the right person pop his cherry he could get well over two hundred dollars.

His search for money was what lead him to be standing on the street corner, his current job was watching out for cops while one of the local drug dealers was setting up a business deal. When he saw the red head he could practically feel how out of place she was, she didn’t look like a cop either. “Hey, flame head. What'cha doing here?” Both Jason’s word choice and tone made it very obvious he was from crime alley.


Teen Wolf AU: In a world in which werewolves are an enslaved race, Stiles buys Derek from a hunter slash slave trader family.  (before I get more messages about this, yes, this is kinda loosely inspired by Not As Described and either way it’s an amazing fic that you should read)

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Governing by corporations is when Republicans want your boss to rule your health care, where privatization and shareholders rule the GOP party, where elections are bought by corporate dollars and policies influenced by corporate lobbyists.

There is a word for that: fascism.

I’m stuck in a small town full of empty promises and I’m afraid I’ll never get out.” (r.i.d)

can you guys help me? okay so I joined a scholarship contest because I’m broke and desperate reasons and I was wondering if you guys could help me out and vote for my entry so that I could like… win the scholarship and help me achieve my dreams. please. i have to be one of the top 3 to win the scholarship. you can vote here: [link]. just click the blue button with a thumbs up with a +1 right below my work and that’s it. thank you guys.

the contest is closed. thank you for all those supported me :D


The tsums…they’ve multiplied throughout the week….

*sweats nervously *