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howd u get so many followers

I went on the Internet
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I’m taking my classes online
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Education Connection matched me
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The obsession people show over my gender will never cease to annoy me.

Why does my gender matter so much to you? Are we fucking? No? Then it’s not really your business, is it. Don’t you have shit to handle in your own damn life? Go do that.

I think it mostly aggravates me because people generally are not actually asking about my gender, which tends to be listed places already. It’s not to find out pronouns, because they’ve seen how I’m referred to, and more often than not, that confuses them into asking in the first place. (I prefer neutral pronouns. Which just completely blows some people’s minds.)

No, they’re asking about my sex. They’re under the impression that it’s not at all rude to ask what’s in my pants. Like it’s even remotely their fucking business. I wish they would just phrase it that way, “what’s in your pants?” because it would be more honest, and my answer could just be “not you”.

Especially if you only know me online, why the fuck do you need to know. Why are you giving into the societal need to stick a pink or blue label on everyone’s forehead. Why did your reputation points with the Aro just drop several notches? Here’s a glass and here’s your clue. Please educate yourself.


Look, I’m not saying getting an education is easy. As someone who graduated high school with honors at 14, received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration summa cum laude at 17, and is now working on a Masters of Science in Applied Economics, I have had my fair share of long hours and sleepless nights of cramming for tests and writing papers. Learning can be challenging, but in those difficult moments, we find our strength and have the opportunity to prove to ourselves, our peers, and our educators what we truly are capable of. In overcoming obstacles, whatever they may be, we discover our inner strength and adaptability, qualities that will serve us in situations for the rest of our lives.

Yes yes I know, you all are perfect individuals who came out of the womb knowing everything about every issue and certainly never say/do the wrong thing at any point in your life. I’m sure you’ll all be absolutely perfect if I took a magnifying glass to your life

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hey, you have this prob. sometimes when u start to talk bout some weed or stuff like that, that the conversation is going like -> i'm strongly against drugs and stuff like this. i mean .... WOW .... get educated idiots .... sry just wanted to rent some :>

sorry but you sound like an idiot because that hardly made any sense but you’re trying to tell other people to get educated because they smoke weed?????? You’re a complete idiot and just because you’re against it doesn’t mean everyone else has to be😋 annoying

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Hi! I need advice desperately. I was just accepted into nursing school. Money is tight... But this is my dream. One is at a community college the other at a hospital school, both are accredited. The hospital will prepare me best I think... But I don't know if I can afford it even with aid and scholarships. Do you think a community college (associates) will prepare me well enough to be a nurse? I took my pre reqs there and they were very easy, so idk if a CC will prepare me as well.

Hey friend,

First of all, congratulations! You got in!!! you hard work paid off :)

In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter where you go to school, it is what you put into it. Because both are accredited they should be following standard guidelines to what you are being taught, so in theory you should be getting a similar education from each institution.  And if the CC program is too easy find other ways to challenge yourself. Do extra readings, read journal articles from areas you are interested, try and find some volunteer placements to get some hands on experience. If you finish this program and you realize you want more then you can always go back and upgrade. Or it might be just fine and you saved yourself some money by going with the cheaper program.

This is choice only you can make. If you can email an academic advisor from the CC program and voice your concerns. They will let you know what the differences between the programs are in terms of courses and hospital experience and you can decide what is important for you for your education.

Good luck! 


so everyone says ‘omg its so weird/cute how Johnny is older than Soda!’ yes, johnny’s birthday is on March 1 and Soda’s is October 8, but Ponyboy said that Johnny was 16, and Soda was 16 going on 17. Johnny would be 17 the next march after Soda’s birthday came.

now u know

you know what would be interesting (and i know it’s not possible, but just think about it): what if, for one day, women, all women, went on strike and didn’t do any of the things that they normally do, whether in the home or at work. I think people would get an education as to what women do.

you know what else would be interesting: if men did the same, went on strike and didn’t do any of the things that they normally do.

I think it would be interesting to see what the differences are.

People go to college because not going to college carries a penalty. College is a purchased loyalty oath to an imagined employer. College shows you are serious enough about your life to risk ruining it early on. College is a promise the economy does not keep - but not going to college promises you will struggle to survive.

Given the extreme schism that’s developed on Tumblr and across the U.S. since the Michael Brown Grand Jury decision, we’ve gotten a lot of asks about the use of #ferguson tags and if ‘Reverse Racism’ or 'Reverse Sexism’ are things that exist.

In attempt to assuage those questions, we thought it’d probably be a good time for all of us to open a textbook and get educated a moment.

GET EDUCATED: Don't Steal, Kids

That above is the Facebook conversation I had in January with Jordan Imiola.  I don’t know how much clearer I could have made myself.  The fact that he never wrote back raised some alarms so I made a note to check on his website later to make sure he wasn’t lifting my stories.  

I checked today for the first time since that exchange and found this and this Indiegogo campaign.   I watched the video of the cast reading and noticed that one of the stories sounded very familiar.  So, I went to Jordan’s website and downloaded a copy of the pilot episode of his sitcom, “Get Educated.”  Following are a few scenes from his pilot script, each followed by links to my own posts (which are older than his script).  

Exhibit A:

You Suck, Sir: AGING 

Exhibit B:



You Suck, Sir: CELL PHONES




You Suck, Sir: YOUNG LOVE

As a stand-up comedian, I occasionally see this kind of thing, but thanks to pros like Patton Oswalt and Louie C.K. calling out and shaming joke thieves, this kind of behaviour is now rare.  But the world of entertainment is built on desperation and ambition, so it’s still common for someone with a dearth of ideas to steal other people’s.  In the worlds of stand-up comedy and publishing, these people are known by one term: hacks.     

Jordan Imiola, you’re a hack.  If you were a young person or student, I would quietly admonish you and usher you toward a stronger set of ethics.  But you’re a grown man, so I’m calling you out for trying to profit off my stories.

Because these aren’t just stories.  It’d be one thing if I created these episodes out of thin air and crafted them as I do with my stand-up comedy routines.  I’d be upset, but I wouldn’t take it that personally because I’m not writing serious literature here.  I’d probably be flattered that you thought to steal from me before sending you a strongly worded email.  But this isn’t fiction you took from me—these are pieces of my life.  These are my personal experiences with people whom I cherish—my students.  I often wrote these down in my journals at the conclusions of long, difficult days when the only light in my career was these young people who carried my hopes with them.  These posts represent the best of my experiences in the profession that I love. 

And that’s why I feel violated.  How do you sit there in that Indiegogo video smiling, taking credit for all the writing when you know I politely turned down your request to use my material?  I know it’s 2014, but damn it, I still want to trust the community that I share these stories with.  I love getting messages from readers telling me how the posts moved or connected with them, made them laugh or even “LOL,” and how some of them have been inspired to become teachers.  You Suck, Sir is about sharing, trust, sacrifice, caring, and community and you stripped it of its spirit by reducing it to a few laughs in your sitcom pilot. 

So you, Jordan Imiola, suck. 


A young monk.

Living in a monastery.

In 1207AD.

A religious establishment in which chastity is sacred.

Where women are forbidden.

Where thoughts of women are forbidden.

Because to dwell too much on thoughts of the opposite sex could lead to monks being tempted away from their religious devotion and back into ‘the World of the Flesh’.

The young monk, on learning that the Doctor is talking to a woman - a woman, right here in the monastery… somewhere… somehow (he doesn’t understand telephones) - crosses himself against his own 'sinful’ thoughts.


Of course not.

Not in the context of the story setting.

Not in the context of the character.

Understand the importance of context in analysis and appreciation of storytelling and characterization in fiction.

Right now there are an awful lot of Whovians on Tumblr accusing Doctor Who of sexism, and holding this scene up as a prime example. A misconceived notion if ever there was one.

Whovians, please, engage your brain before you engage your mouth, because right now…

“You know, you’re a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.” - The Doctor, “Robots of Death”