I can finally say I’m decently happy with my body. I have never liked my body or felt comfortable in it for along time. I started eating better and exercising and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and trimmed down my waist size. I know I’m not sexy or anything a long those lines, but I’m very happy at where I’m at with my body. I still have scars and cellulite, but I’m not afraid to wear bikinis or shorts anymore. I like wearing crop-tops now. Sorry if this is weird or annoying I just am very proud of myself and I’m finally getting happy or at least feeling like I am. 😊

Okay, rant time. Don’t tell me to fucking lose weight just because my tits are about to pop out of my fucking bra. I can’t help that my boobs are bigger than they were almost two years ago. If you can’t tell, I need to get fitted again and get new fucking bras, thank you very much. Belittling me because of my appearance isn’t fucking okay, especially since I’m your damn daughter. Rant over.