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"Hello readers, usually I don't talk to you directly but Sherlock is in the hospital and I was hoping you might be kind enough to send him some get well cards. Just send them to 221b and I'll make sure he gets them. Thanks in advance for your kindness. Sincerely, John H. Watson." The day after the post goes up he gets half a dozen cards for Sherlock, a week later there are half a million. John can only imagine what might have happened if he'd told his readers Sherlock had been shot.


awwwwww so sweet!!! T~T ♥

I’m attempting to make a get well card for Jonghyun since so many people have already talked about wanting to but didn’t know how♥

  • Please only reblog or favorite once
  • If you want to leave a short message of encouragement, you may, but please don’t leave a novel lol
  • I’ll do my best to write down everyone’s url and/or message in a notebook and send it to him. (If any one has a good idea on how I should go about doing that, please PM me.) ♥
  • I’m going to try to send the card/ notebook out by April 12th, 2013. Is that enough time for you guys? :)
Get well John Green card project

As you know, John Green (author, vlogger, and a person with the username of fishingboatproceeds here on Tumblr) is sick in the hospital, which is why he can’t make a video today.  Even though John can’t make a video today, what matters more is that he is in the hospital.  I don’t know bad it is, but he is in the hospital, so it can’t be great.  As a Nerdfighter, I thought that it would be nice if maybe we can get other Nerdfighters around the internet can create their own feel better cards and send the message to John through the power of the internet.  Put the simple message of “get better soon” and be creative with it.  When you are done with it, put the message on the internet with the hashtag, #feelbetterjohn.  Here is my card that I created as an example.


Imagine bringing your favorite character over to play Uno with your family and all of you discover just how much of a lovable little shit your favorite character really is.