Nayral Ro

Tech Art project from vtol is a robotic orchestra that lets you conduct an algorithmic symphony with hand gestures - video embedded below:

The orchestra consists of 12 robotic manipulators of various designs, each of which is equipped with a sound-transmitting speaker. The manipulators, combined together, form a single multi-channel electronic sound orchestra. Due to constant displacement speakers in space, changing direction of the sound and the algorithms for generating compositions, the orchestra creates a dynamic soundscape. In order to interact with the orchestra, controller Leap Motion is used, that allows to control robots and sound by simple hands gestures in the air - similarly to conducting an orchestra.

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Smartwatch-controlled Drone

Sony Developer has put together a demo of controlling a drone with a smartwatch (with SmartEyeglass AR glasses as a display) - video embedded below:

The drone used is a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. The SmartWatch 2 accelerometer is used to provide control signals for flying the drone, and the display on the display is used for more control inputs (for example, swiping will trigger the mini-drone to do rolls in the air). On the SmartEyeglass prototype, flight information and live video from the camera on the drone are displayed.

It is about time smartwatches were explored for other possibilities other than notifications and fitness tracking, to compliment other tech for other experiences.

The developers (Peter Bartos, Jonas Hellström and Alexander Najafi) have put together some background and a tutorial to set up your own version of this project, which you can find here

VR / Real World Gesture Switch

Simple mod from Leap Motion lets users switch from virtual to real viewpoints with a simple hand gesture:

When you get thirsty with your Oculus Rift on, you only have two options: removing the headset or blindly groping for your drink. That’s why we’re developing Quick Switch, a quick and easy control that lets you toggle between VR and video passthrough.

… Along with preventing sticky keyboard syndrome, Quick Switch is a big first step in blending and mashing together the real and virtual worlds in ways that we can scarcely imagine.

A very small feature yet strangely resonant (ten years ago millions of people would not know what ‘slide to unlock’ would be).

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