Libérée. C’est ce que j’ai ressenti en sortant pour la première fois de chez moi habillée en garçon. J’avais 12 ans. Je n’étais plus Faheema, la fille qui se devait d’être propre sur elle et de faire attention à chacun de ses gestes; mais Faheem, qui avait du courage et pouvait aller où il voulait.


Avec mes cheveux courts et mon pantalon, je me suis rendue compte que personne ne me regardait dans la rue ou ne venait me harceler. Je n’avais pas à porter de foulard. Je pouvais regarder les gens dans les yeux. Je pouvais parler aux autres garçons et aux adultes aussi. Je n’avais pas à me faire plus petite en me recroquevillant. Je pouvais marcher vite. Ou courir si j’en avais envie.

C’est l’histoire d’une petite fille afghane qui a préféré prendre l’apparence d’un garçon pour vivre comme elle l’entendait. A lire sur le site de Time magazine.

xupz said:

Bro je traversais un petit moment à vide là ce soir, j'étais triste, et j'ai trouvé ce blog et maintenant je suis vachement moins triste. Bon par contre je me fais pas d'illusion sur le fait que je vais être crevée demain parce que c'est addictif comme c'est pas permis. Merci de tenir le Kaameblog. Blogmelott. Kaabloglott. Non, je me tais, ok. God bless

Arg, c’est pas que t’es hautement adorable mais t’es hautement adorable. Merci comme tout. On fait beaucoup de trucs zarbi avec ce blog, pour la beauté du geste et sans vraiment savoir ce qu’on fabrique, donc comme d’hab je suis ravie que ça plaise malgré tout.

(J’te dirais bien aussi que je culpabilise pour ta perte de sommeil m’enfin je suis aussi sur Tumblr à 00:01 donc bon y en a pas un pour rattraper l’autre.)



  • Typ auf der Straße:fuck schau mal ihre arme, wie kann man nur so gestört sein?! *lacht*
  • Sein Kumpel:wenn es nicht solche Leute wie dich geben würde, hätte sie einen Grund weniger sich zu verletzen. Also halt mal bitte dein dummes maul, danke.

junodog submitted:

So I decided to see how much I could fix of this with a very hasty (like, two minutes) photoshop job, and… wow.

Two minutes in photoshop. TWO. F&#%ING. MINUTES, and she looks like a person who could actually exist without being in constant pain.

I just find it sad when you can change one thing just a teensy bit and it has this much of an impact on the overall look. It’s like when an airline maintenance team comes tragically close to discovering a flaw in a plane shortly before said plane explodes in midair and has a terrible crash that kills everyone on board*.

Also, I’m beginning to suspect the original was drawn by someone who knew at least a little bit about human anatomy (although the arms are absurdly skinny but then again so are mine so I’m willing to cut a *little* bit of slack there**), but then someone else came in and said “NOPE NOT SEXY ENOUGH and… yeah. I don’t know.

*I’ve been watching too much Air Crash Investigations lately.

**but not much

It’s amazing how much of a difference that makes.

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In Poland, the Bras d’honneur became known as “Kozakiewicz’s gesture” (gest Kozakiewicza). Kozakiewicz made the gesture on 30 July 1980 to Russian spectators in the stadium during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. The crowd supporting Soviet jumper Konstantin Volkov booed, hissed, jeered, and whistled during Kozakiewicz’s spectacular performance. Having just secured his gold medal position, Kozakiewicz made the gesture in defiance to the Soviet crowd. He later confirmed his dominance over the competition by breaking the world record, clearing at 5.78 meters.

The photos of this incident circled the globe, with the exception of the Soviet Union and its satellites. While international observers varied in their reaction to the incident, Kozakiewicz’s act received much support in Polish society, which resented Soviet control over Eastern Europe (Poland was in the midst of labor strikes that led to the creation of the labor union Solidarity less than two months later). After the 1980 Olympics ended, the Soviet ambassador to Poland demanded that Kozakiewicz be stripped of his medal over his “insult to the Soviet people”.The official response of the Polish government was that Kozakiewicz’s arm gesture had been an involuntary muscle spasm caused by his exertion.

lady-knight- submitted:

Despite it shows a stage of dressing : it is not in progress, it’s the final form of Jaïna’s  armor ! (Jaïna being the female knight, Ellys her squire.)

She the heroine of the first book ( called Jaïna ) of the french comics  La geste des chevaliers dragons. (“Geste of the Knights dragons”) The protagonists change in every of the 15 currents issues.

I used to have a fondness for this series due to the-paradoxically - feminist subject. In that world, dragons make go crazy any living creature due to a malefic influence except virgins women. Bonus, the monsters can’t see the maids, too.

So in that otherwise patriarchal society, the order of dragons knights is exclusively female, and of course they never have sex or get married, the majority being pretty happy of this. And when they fight, God they know their job properly.

The problem is, certainly to appeal male readers, their armors made of dragons scales does not even cover  one of the nipple.  With no reason. (Warning, spoiler: a sudden dragon attack will fatally wound  Jaïna …where she wear no protection. Genius!) Need I say male knights are decently clothed?

The habit was kept for most of the series:

The squire attire:

Thanks God this is not always true:

I don’t know…Maybe because the subject was feminist, the scenarists (a couple, man and woman) supposed we would swallow the half naked armor with no problem?

La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons, created by Ange, by Soleil productions.

Important note: This was not meant to be posted.  It was sitting in my queue and I hadn’t meant for it to post but I forgot to move the posting time. -_-  I hadn’t yet formulated my response to it, and usually I leave things sitting in the queue until I have time to write my response.

I would delete it and put it back in the queue, but there’s already been discussion in the comments about the subject matter, so I feel deleting it now would cause more problems. 

I think it’s sad that a story where women get to be these heroic dragon slayers and the only warriors in the society capable of stopping this big threat has to tie their powers and worth to their virginity. :\  A woman’s worth or purity being related to us being virginal is an age old sexist trope and it’s disappointing that the concept ties so heavily into that, and that the art is the usual battle bikini stuff (and as wincenworks points out, doesn’t lead to covers that inform us very much to the contents of the book).  Also, it would have been interesting to examine how a society where women are the only possible defenders against a huge menace would have evolved and changed women’s place in society rather than having it be necessarily patriarchal.

It seems like they tried to do a subversion of the “virgins sacrificed to dragons” thing with the virgins being equipped to kill dragons rather than be sacrificed to them, but ended up playing into traditional narratives of female virginity being a societal good, and women having sex causing ruin (as Ozzie Scribbler points out in the disqus comments.)


I am an idiot.  

Instead of catching up on my homework (losing your laptop for four days while in grad school is not recommended), I decided to peruse the digital archives of Nottingham University.  Who knows?  Maybe I can use it for my final project, where I talk about access to archives?  I really like my program, I just don’t like reading whole chapters in dry textbooks about conducting research.  I like doing research, not talking about it.  I’m rambling.  

Nottingham University digital archives are rad, you guys.  So today’s offering is a glimpse into the manuscripts and “chap books” from Robin Hood ballads!  The collection was on display in 2008, and now available for you guys to look through!  

You can find them right here.  

The images have descriptions next to them to help you muddle through the collection.  I haven’t looked at it with too great of depth yet, but I will do.  That’s a promise.  

Additionally, do not reproduce these images without the express permission of the Nottingham University archives.  They are copyrighted images.  


Off to do homework.



”My favourite memory of all was when I was driving with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston in his car, in the mid-1980s, singing Dionne Warwick’s greatest hits. Michael would sing one song, then Whitney would sing the next and, when it came to my turn, they both sang together and told me to not sing. How mortifying to be the world’s worst singer trying to keep up with two of the greatest talents I’ve ever known”.  David Gest