Gerritt Wittmer & Paul Knowles performing at the Berkeley Art Museum August 12th, 2011

Video by George Chen

Getting Started

I got married on the 20th of September in Hannover, Germany. I moved here from San Francisco, leaving a very time-consuming job working for a licensed toy company (If you’ve ever been to Costco on black friday, you probably saw quite a few of our products before you were trampled to death) to move to a country where I do not speak the language (although I’m learning) and do not have a job.

I thought it would be interesting to start a new tumblr where I can post things related to my move to Germany. I will still be maintaining the old one as a sketch/art blog (and probably updating more often now that I have a bit more free time in my schedule), and will be using this one as more of a personal blog with more writing and pictures related to my move.

What do I really want to accomplish with this blog? I don’t know exactly yet, but if anything I’ll at least have a documentation of this series of big life changes. Seriously, who decides to quit their job, change careers, get married, and move to another continent at the same time, all in the middle of a tax year?

Bis bald!

It’s been real guys. I’ve had so much fun this year, and I seriously can’t wait to see you all at games or competitions! I’ll def miss you all 😭😭😭 #lastdrummajorcamp @aaronnn_17 @wilder_austin @kimberlyvanderwal #tristan #gerritt #boo 💚💜💛💙

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