Sailor Moon Japan Shopping Guide

Moonies if y’all gonna travel around japan and take photos of the merchandise, do us all a favour and post the store you actually went in? I am positive all sailor moon fans who are going to Japan relatively soon would love to know where to go for their merchandise, ok!!! 

From my experience, these are the stores I managed to get merchandise in when the flood was still in the trickling stage:

When I go next month for my very short trip, I’ll be sure to take photos of the stores and displays. If you have any questions about locations of stores in Osaka, please ask and I’ll be happy to guide you xo 

Be excellent to each other. For now, here are the displays I took a photo of in Japan.




Make up display in Kiddyland, Umeda (Osaka)


General merchandise display at Kiddyland, Umeda (Osaka)


Display at Village Vanguard, Yokohama Station.

P.s. Please be sensible - Don’t empty the shelves. Other fans would like to buy the merchandise too and respect the shop owner’s request if no photos are allowed xo


Robot Barista

An industrial robot at the Japan Robot Week exhibition prepares coffee for visitors - video embedded below:

From The Japan Times:

Called Nextage, the company describes it as a “next-generation industrial robot.” It debuted in 2011 and has already seen action at manufacturing firms, assembling electronic components.

Industrial robots including Nextage have already proven their usefulness at manufacturing plants. But Kawada Industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker, wants to show they can be useful outside as well …

The robot, which appeared to be around 170 cm tall, had a large flat head with two cameras for eyes, wore a brown apron and seemed to know what it was doing.

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