Egypt recovers smuggled artifacts from Germany

CAIRO:  Egyptian antiquities headed for the auction block in Germany will be repatriated to Egypt, Mohamed Hegazy, Egypt’s ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, told state-owned MENA Tuesday.

The artifacts, which had been shown in a mass exhibition in Berlin, may stay in Germany for some repairs in cooperation with the Egyptian Museum in Berlin before their return to Egypt, Hegazy said.

The Egyptian Embassy will host a concert April 2 to declare the receipt of the artifacts, and express thanks to German authorities and the Egyptian Museum in Berlin for their effort, he added. Read more.

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Allied-occupied Germany

The Allied zones of occupation in post-war Germany, highlighting the Soviet zone (red), the inner German border (black line), and the zone from which American troops withdrew in July 1945 (purple). The provincial boundaries are those of pre-Nazi Weimar Germany, before the present Länder (federal states).