german shepherd


I got back from a 9 hour drive from PA this afternoon. After spending all that time in a van, I HAD to enjoy the rest of the day by taking a trip down by the pond with Auddie. 

You can tell summer is slowly creeping in! No complaints here.

Wandering USA: 6

There’s something about being in the middle of nowhere that is completely calming. People said the “Taos Hum” came from the mountains to the north, so that’s where I headed. I really wanted to see if I could hear it. I’m still under the impression that I heard it, but it’s really just the wind and water rushing through the mountains.

At the Rio Grande National Monument, BLM Wild Rivers Recreation area, I found the perfect campsite, overlooking the river, with no one around… and then 10 minutes later an old couple decided to camp at the only other campsite nearby. The lady walked by and Legedu tried to attack her, naturally. He’s a guard dog and she decided to camp near us in the middle of nowhere..

Later I saw them hiking and the lady asked, “Does your dog just not like people?” as he licked her hand.

“No, he’s just my guard dog. Come near my RV and he’ll bark at you.”

“He wasn’t just barking he was,” and she bared her own teeth and made a chomping motion with her hand as if it was his jaw.

“Well, yeah. That’s his job.” I was confused about why she was so confused.

She didn’t respond, just looked mad.

“Sorry he scared you, but maybe you shouldn’t have decided to walk so close to my campsite.”

They walked away, and they made a wide circle around me from then on out.

People are dumb. You see a big-ass dog tied up with a chick alone and you better bet it’s there for security. Don’t act offended because you did the idiotic thing and decided to encroach on my alone time when there was plenty of forest to go around.

Anyway, Legedu loved camping at the Rio Grande just as much as I did.

We went on a nice morning hike after I attempted to stay up all night to take pictures of the stars. I took about 400 photos… so some of those will definitely be posted periodically.

I’m really happy I stopped at the Rio Grande. The river seemed to be alive, and I was able to watch a wildfire from afar. Ironically it was in the other end of the forest, where I was also debating camping. Looks like I chose the right spot, but the smell brought back memories of losing my home in the 2007 SoCal Wildfires. I had about an hour of major anxiety for no reason.

Fortunately once I had my campfire going, I forgot all about it. ESPECIALLY once my Chef Boyardee was ready. YUM. I spent the night writing and relaxing… Much needed relaxing…