Michael Carini | Gentle Red 

Acrylic on Canvas | 9” x 36” (Triptych) | 2005 | Series: The Lost Shepherd

Before I drifted into the realm of abstraction, I dabbled in illustration, drafting, and hyperrealism.


One of my bosses took these photos of me today for my senior informal pics! She did an incredible job. Just thought I’d share with you guys the important part of my life that is my job: training these incredible animals.

The red and black shepherd is obviously my personal dog, I call him a working pet. He doesn’t do actual work but he sure does do hardcore obedience with me! Soon I’ll be competing to get obedience titles from the WDA with him. He’s my best friend in the whole world and I couldn’t possibly love him any more. His name is Volker.

The little pups are a new litter at Canine Extreme, a German shepherd breeding and training facility that I’ve worked at for a couple months. No names yet! The center one is my favorite.

I fear I’m losing my ability to take a nice, candid, emotional shot. I’ve been so obsessed with posing and finding ways to set it up that I’ve forgotten how to capture emotion and just get my dog looking at me, very still, very false. Sigh.