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Bicolour GSDs...the Eternal Coat Colour Question


True bi-color  gsd whats the story, pics ect.? 

Christine Kemper (fountain of GSD knowledge and very nice person):

Some bicolors have tan on the face, eyebrows, and chest spots.

Bicolor is “tanpoint” – the same color that you see in Rotties and Dobies. The masking gene modifiers cover up the tan brows and tan on muzzle and face and chest usually in GSDs, to a greater or lesser degree.

A blanket saddle back or a dark black and tan is a dog who has at least one copy of the “creeping tan” or “saddle” modifier gene that causes the tan areas of the dog to expand as the dog matures and then also carries the black recessive.

A bicolor without the black recessive (tanpoint/tanpoint with no saddle modifier) is sometimes called a “bright bicolor” –especially if the dog does not have a many of the dark masking factors. A bright bicolor will still have tarheels, no tan on the underchest, and toemarks–although the toemarks might be faint and somewhat hard to see.

See the post in the Strictly DDR/Czech lines Facebook group for clarifying photos (31 May 2015).


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