german shepherd


New batch!

1-  A commission piece for Mr. Amp of his OCs.

2- Pretty sure she takes a lot like this o more risque and sends her to her boyfriend’s whatsapp at inorportune moments. Also pretty sure that Bikini top is from the colors of her favourite team.

3- I was in a multistream session with Kuurion and finished Amp´s piece… so i had no idea of what to do… So i decided to do some cheescake with Jill from his webcomic. Totally out of character…. and apparently i started something weird among the readers. Jill being Jillsexual and something about an evil Jilll from a paralel dimension named Llij… i guess i drew Llij? I don’t know anymore! XD

The way this beauty’s nose pushed through the only gap in the sheet metal fence to have only the smallest part scratched, body waving with calm happiness, writhing with sweetness, as if this moment was the brightest part of the day. I’m going to remember this forever.


Polyvore commission for Foxjump of his characters Hamilton and Kirsten!

One of the theme suggestions was post-apocalyptic, so I wanted to create outfits that suggested that without outright saying it. Things that looked kind of haphazardly put together without being completely removed from the character’s personal style. I like the idea of Kirsten finding those leather shorts in a rubber pile and being really excited about it.

This might be my favourite from the batch! Here’s the Polyvore set I created to base their outfits off of: x