german shepherd


Jess was traveling last week and so I had to do some extra work with Lilly to keep her exercised and happy (read: wore out enough she won’t chew up anything while I’m at work during the day) Came home at lunch one day and there was just enough of a break in the rain to bike her around the block a few times. Did it off leash so she could run in the grass next to the sidewalk most of the time. After work we went to this ginormous hill and I made her chase the ball up and down it a bunch of times. Last shot is her happy in the car ready to go home.

The 12 Signs as Dog Breeds

Aries: German Shepherd (assertive, hard-working, protective)
Taurus: English Bulldog (calm, patient, seemingly always hungry)
Gemini: Jack Russel Terrier (highly energetic, intelligent, noisy)
Cancer: Welsh Corgi (good with children, shy with strangers, stubborn)
Leo: Labrador Retriever (America’s “favorite dog”, happy, outgoing)
Virgo: Great Dane (elegant, gentle despite its size, well-mannered)
Libra: Collie (beautiful appearance, friendly, lives to please its people)
Scorpio: Doberman Pinscher (alert, powerful, sensitive to owners’ needs)
Sagittarius: Boxer (good sense of humor, playful, mischievous)
Capricorn: Giant Schnauzer (appears to be “wise”, reliable, reserved)
Aquarius: Siberian Husky (adventurous, clever, quite independent)
Pisces: Cocker Spaniel (affectionate, charming, “soft” personality)

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