Series: Put it in the Lexicon

Today some vocabulary with nice explanations… just follow the link…

1. Ohrwurm (Ear worm) 2. Fernweh (Distance pain) 3. Kummerspeck (Grief bacon) 4. Innerer Schweinehund (Inner pig dog) 6. Torschlusspanik (Closing-gate panic) 7. Treppenwitz (Staircase joke) 8. Lebensmüde (Life tired) 9. Weltschmerz (World pain) 10. Weichei (Soft egg) 11. Backpfeifengesicht (Slap face) 12. Erklärungsnot (Explanation poverty) 13. Sitzfleisch (Sit or seat meat) 14. Purzelbaum (Tumble tree) 15. Dreikäsehoch (Three cheeses high) 16. Zungenbrecher (Tongue breaker) 17. Schattenparker (Shadow parker) 18. Kuddelmuddel (???)

1955 Volkswagen Type 1 (Park Slope)

We spotted this tastefully modified ‘55 Type 1 last Saturday as its owner was preparing to return it to its Garfield Street garage.

Because the block was closed to through traffic for a block party, he had to get out to replace orange cones he’d had to remove to turn in from 5th Avenue. As he went about this we had time to capture these shots and take in the sound of the throaty purr emanating from the rear of his automobile.

Orange cones back in place, the man got behind the wheel and steered the machine into the garage as the purr grew into a hearty growl.

anonymous said:

I'm an american learning german and I've never heard anything about german being sexist care to elaborate?

It’s because in German, the default form of nouns is the same as the male form (der arzt, der kaufMANN etc), and things like ‘one does’ = man tut sound dangerously like man to feminists and progressive. It’s pathetic how upset they get over our language, and that ends with ridiculous ideas like putting an _in (Bürger_in) behind every noun to show that females are included, too, despite being included in the original term as well.
First world problems.

anonymous said:

You know, is there any test that I can measure my preparation in the German language?

Do you mean like tests for DELF/DALF (French) or FCE/CAE/CPE (English), don’t you?

edit: schreibt mir doch, welches niveau ihr erreicht habt :)