Just imagine
Bisexual Italy, asexual Japan, and homosexual Germany all in a polyamorous relationship.
Kiku feeling like he isn’t important to the relationship because he doesn’t have sex with them and feels like he’s intruding because Feli and Ludwig have a deeper relationship.
Feli somehow figures out how Kiku is feeling and proceeds to cook all of Japan’s favorite dishes. He then cuddles with Japan all day while yelling “I love you!” as much as possible.
Germany goes on walks with Kiku and even gets him a cat and reassures him that he’s just as loved and he is very important.
J usT imagine … ….. .. .


polyamorous geritapan is so cute… lud and kiku are dating feli but not each other . theres no sex in the relationship bc feli and lud are ace . FF ALFRED IS KIKU’S FRIEND WITH BENEFITS„ .lud, feli and kiku go on dates but its so awkward when feli leaves for the bathroom or something theyre just like.. hey