Self-portraits by women artists (Part III)

Marina Richterová (1962)

Zinaida Serebriakova(1884 - 1967)

Elaine de Kooning (1918 - 1989)

Kristin Headlam (1953)

Jane Peterson (1876-1965)

Laura Van Den Hengel (1962)

Tamara de Lempicka (1898 – 1980)

Greta Gerell (1898-1982)

06.11.2012 -wow so uhhhh.. hahaa! me and HIM were on skypeee todayyy, and wooooow! my mum didn’t even careee, it’s like she’s accepted him alreadyyy. <3 ahhh. can’t explain it, but nawwwhh im happy. I hope he’s happy too ;L lool joke. No, but seriously.. I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend ‘cos I’m still young, plus I have quite strict Asian parents. but it was shocking to see that my mum was okay about it. When I was with Gerald before (2 yrs ago-complicated relationship with G), she told me to break up with him.. this and that.. so I mean it’s almost like she’s allowing me to have a boyfriend now.. soooo yeahhh :D nawhh. <3

Double Digits

okay. LOOOOOOOL! so we’re uhh.. kinda weird. ‘cos me and Gerald- we celebrate this thing almost every hour called the “Double Digits”. it’s basically when we see double digits in terms of the time, for example 17:17 (pm) or 21:21.. something like that.

it started like 2 years ago.. I still remember what he said to me on the phone: "do u ever look at the time? cos im not sure if its just me, but everytime I check the time, it seems like it’s always double, say for example 00:00.. im not sure if its just me :S" then I went "omggg YESSS!! I thought that was just me, but yeah I noticed that too. weird right? ;L" but yeahhh, lol weird and bizarre story I know, but we’re just a bizarre couple overall, so it’s normal, hahaha! <3

and omds, YES I was bored. but LOOOOOL, I just had to do this! like awwwh look at his faceeeee~ & omds, hahaa when he makes them faces, too adorbss! <3 he’s such a babe, this pic always me smile..

the second pictureee makes me laugh too much!! HAHAA, that’s how much he loves his food! I swearrr! LOOOL. such a cutiepieee, ahahaha. the way he bites his lipsss (not in a sexual way) but awwwh :”> bless’im.