“It really surprises me how few people prefer the later seasons. To me Heartland is only improving. After re-watching the early seasons it’s obvious the directing, cinematography and writing has got a lot better. (I put off watching certain early episodes as there are plenty of cringe-worthy moments that I’m glad the writers seem to have pulled back on; though unfortunately they still creep in occasionally) I love the introduction of Georgie and I appreciate a more character focused show instead of a ‘horse of the week’ storyline. To me Heartland hasn’t changed or lost its focus. “

#194. Woman reading book with orange. Georgy Kurasov (Russian, b.1958).

Kurasov’s artwork combines surrealism and abstraction; and yet, is narrative and iconic. He has been able to find a balance in these elements of artistic expression. In spite of his work being very geometric, it is also dynamic and textural.

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