There were definitely rumours about The Sisterhood. Nobody really knew what it was, which just made girls like Emily Parris who weren’t in it want to be in it more… But you had to be chosen by Mary.


We ended up spending a lot of time together, me and Georgie. We got on really, really well, but then the first time I was in my make up – I have a tiny little nose piece and the wig and the ears and the legs and all that – she found it very difficult. Suddenly it wasn’t me. We had to play a lot of very serious, very dark scenes. She didn’t like it all the time. And I found it very tough because I didn’t want to upset her, you know? I had to explain - and she knew but it’s still difficult - but just reiterate all the time that everything’s fine and when I’m crying I’m not really crying and when they say cut I’m not gonna go crying, you know?


thirty days of narnia | favorite pevensie sibling friendship- lucy and edmund

                 “They’re the oldest and we’re the youngest. We don’t matter as much.”