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  1. If you had the chance to meet any person right now, who would it be and why? an: probably Dougie Poynter or Demi Lovato cause they saved my life
  2. Are you planning to chase your New Year’s resolutions, no matter what?: go to a McFly concert
  3. If you could “plan” your own festival, which bands and artists would you include?: McFly, Jonas Brothers, The Wanted, All Time Low, Demi Lovato, etc
  4. If I ask you to describe you in 3 words, which words would you pick?: weird, crazy and funny
  5. What’s your song of the week/month?: Kiss me-. Ed Sheeran
  6. What’s your favourite lyric?: “You and I were like diamonds in the sky”
  7. If you could have the voice and accent of any person, who would you choose?: Mollie King or Zoe Sugg for deffo
  8. (If you like tattoos) Which tattoo would you like to get (for example, a phrase, symbols, etc)?: the Dougie simbol
  9. When you had to choose your actual URL, what were the other options?: probably “laracarewjoness
  10. What’s your favourite music video?: Love is easy
  11. Do you have any hobbies?: I like to write stuff 


  1. If you have to kill one person in the worls, who would it be and why?
  2. Did you cried with Tom’s speech?
  3. What’s your favorite movie of all time?
  4. Summer or Winter?
  5. Favorite food?
  6. What animal you hate and why
  7. Books or Movies?
  8. Do you play any instruments? and if you don’t, what instrument would you like to play?
  9. Any traumatic experience?
  10. Beach or montains?
  11. Iphone or Ipod?