Michele Bachmann had the strangest, most simplistic economic solution of all: simply close down the Environmental Protection Agency, which she said “should really be renamed the Job-Killing Organization of America.”

The G.O.P. Presidential Debate - NYTimes.com

Bachmann may be speaking, but Koch sponsored tea-money is doing the talking. Those boys are upset because the EPA recently added formaldehyde to their list of carcinogens (as well as the NIH). The Koch brothers, through their Georgia Pacific business, is one of the largest producers of formaldehyde in the country.

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Cancer Risks for Koch Profits.

The Koch brothers, Legislatwhores and Georgia Pacific are a cancer incarnate killing anyone who lives near them and is not wealthy.


Exactly one week from today our little tribe is headed off from by beloved Northwest to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina to be caretakers of the Hostel on the Mountain (pictured above) for six months. The family circus includes, but is not limited to, LadyDarling, Brooklyn Bumblespree, Atlas, Fable and myself. Our route is Portland, Mount Shasta, Cape Perpetua, the Redwoods, a mustang ranch outside of Albuquerque and East on I-40 all the way to the Hostel in the Forest, Savannah, Atlanta and finally Hot Springs, NC. If you are along or anywhere between these routes and care to hop aboard and show us some superb local secret spots or participate in a day of frolicking adventures, do send a message. Much love and appreciation for you all