Hi, my name is Hayley, from Georgia, 21 years old. I’m a hopeless romantic. No matter what happens, I will always believe in true love. I love to make people laugh. I’m very passionate when it comes to anything or anyone that I love. Singing and dancing will always put me in a good mood. Have a slightly unhealthy obsession with all things Taylor Swift.. But hey it could be worse. Lol looking for friends or maybe something more. So if you maybe wanna chat, I don’t think you should wait.. I think you should speak now. - @thenewsw thenewswiftromantics

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Uykusuzum Georgia
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Koşuyorum işte sokaklar işte mahalleler Georgia
İşte bir şehir ki hiç değişmemiş
Tanımadığım bir şehir Georgia
Acele etmeli rüzgâr çıktı Georgia
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Kaçıyorum Georgia
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Georgia Georgia Georgia
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Philippe SOUPAULT, Georgia
Çeviri:Oktay Rıfat
Görsel: Portrait of Philippe Soupault by Robert Delaunay, 1922.

WSB-TV signed on from Atlanta in 1948 as the sister TV station of WSB-AM-FM.  Founded by James Cox, publisher of The Atlanta Journal newspaper, WSB-TV was an NBC affiliate, owing to WSB-AM’s longtime affiliation with NBC Radio.

WSB-TV originally broadcast over Channel 8.  Rival newspaper The Atlanta Constitution won a construction permit for its planned WCON-TV, which would use Channel 2.  The two newspapers merged in 1950 and Cox moved WSB-TV to the stronger Channel 2 frequency.

In 1956, WSB-AM-FM-TV moved into a building it called “White Columns.”  The building was designed in the Colonial Revival style, which was a defining characteristic of Atlanta architecture.  The stations moved to a new facility built on the same property in 1998.

WSB-TV was Atlanta’s dominant TV station into the 1970s, despite being affiliated with nationally weak NBC.  First-place ABC was affiliated with WXIA-TV.  In 1980, the stations conducted an experiment with their daytime schedules.  WXIA-TV aired NBC shows in the morning and ABC in the afternoon.  WSB-TV aired ABC in the morning and NBC in the afternoon.  In September 1980, WSB-TV and WXIA-TV officially swapped network affiliations.

WSB-TV’s ratings success continued as an ABC affiliate.  The station’s “Action News” is Atlanta’s dominant local TV news operation. Cox Enterprises owns the station, as well as its sister radio staitons.

Here’s a collection of WSB-TV news opens over the decades:

Source: Wikipedia (WSB-TV)

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This is Georgia (talldrinkoftaylor). She was born on the first day of July, in 1999. She’s my best friend.

If you are lucky enough to have her in your life, you’ll find out that she’ll give you the best advice you can ask for, yet she’ll support you no matter what your decision is. She will make sure that you always feel loved, important, beautiful, unique. She will pick you up every time you fall and she will be happy for you every time you succeed. This girl will go the extramile for you, always. Her puns, her wit, her sense of humor will not fail at making you laugh. Her sarcastic comments will draw a smile on your face and talking to her on a daily basis will become the best way to escape from your routine. You will be amazed by her amazing taste in music, and you will find yourself humming the last song she recommended you. Her book recommendations will leave you just as fascinated. You will wish to be half as kind, generous, selfless, humble, intelligent, brave, strong, admiring, gorgeous as she is. She will inspire you to be better. She will become a huge part of your life and everywhere you’ll go, you’ll find something that reminds you of her. And you’ll realize that having her in your life makes you the luckiest.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything, Georgia. I love you.