A trio of Georgia men face a variety of charges after raping, shooting & burning a woman they met at a New Year’s Eve party after a rap battle.

Don’t tell me that we don’t need womanism.

Don’t tell me that rape culture doesn’t exist.

This gained media attention yesterday when the crimes happened in January of this year. This is very much recent.The victim is still undergoing treatment from her injuries.

Black women will always be behind our men when it comes down to fighting the injustices that happen to them. But what about us? What about the protection and respect that doesn’t get reciprocated? We are treated as vermin in society. And the worst part is that a good portion of our men play an active role in our treatment. And yes, this issue is beyond rap. It is an everyday thing for us. Listen to us when we speak. Don’t say, “Not all black men.” This isn’t for you to get in your feelings and make it about you. It’s for you to understand where we are coming from.

"You can learn a lot about your family and where you live if you start asking questions, and Appalachian Food Storybank founder and director Susannah Gebhart wants us all to do just that. While she hopes that the Storybank will spread to more regions, with volunteers interviewing people, she also believes we should start quizzing Grandma and Uncle Joe about their food and how their community worked. Think of it as adding color to the family tree."