georgeforemansellsmegrillz replied to your post: I should be revising but Im going to send you some numbers hehe 3, 7, 10, 23, 30 

I keep hearing loads of rumours about Germans joining us but its from stuff like the sun kdjngdfb I would be ridiculously happy if they were true though omg aaand I totally agree with your answers hahah :)

sigh unrealiable sources ffs!! apparently andré is as good as a done deal which i’m still unsure how to feel (apparently we’re getting falcao too and i’m not feeling him come here like Marko and warm the bench) 

georgeforemansellsmegrillz replied to your post: that is not a legit conversation surely they didnt say kill ureself because ure a chelsea fan

that is hilarious hahahaha, the most interesting person I got yesterday was a liverpool supporter and they were like i wanna battle, bring it, chelsea suck aha

hahahah omg I got a scouser that someone else I followed got earlier, who thinks suarez is better than messi I mean I don’t know which set of fans is more dumb lol