Vikings cast being their characters irl.

Interviewer: So do you feel an obligation to be the eyes of the British public , or the American public or.. the non-viking public on the show or is that kind of, have you evolved past that as a character?

George: Nah, I think very much Ahelstan is still exactly that, uhm, Michael really wanted him to be, like you said the eyes of western audience and how an audience can relate to this.. amazing group of weirdos, uhm, but yeah so and speaking a bit to Michael about what he’s got planned for season two, very much still Athelstan will be a kind of, uhm-

Travis: … sex slave.

Gustaf: *chuckles*

George: -yeah, that, but mostly uhm *giggle* the eyes for the audience and get to, you know learn even more about how-

Gustaf: *chuckles*

Clive: *professional smile*

George: -things happen when they go wrong and, you know.

Travis: … beautiful.



@KatieBlagden: George and Ellie having a boogie…