Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire  7 June 1757 – 30 March 1806) was the first wife of the 5th Duke of Devonshire, and mother of the 6th Duke of Devonshire. Her father, the 1st Earl Spencer, was a great-grandson of the 1st Duke of Marlborough. Her niece was Lady Caroline Lamb. She is an ancestor (via her illegitimate daughter Eliza Courtney) of Sarah, Duchess of York. She is also related to Diana, Princess of Wales, who was her great-great-grandniece.

First Day

It was that time of year again.

There was a calm over the school. Despite the fact that the children were returning later on that morning, Luhre was actually relaxed. Aside from the teachers, there was no one in the building, and the teachers were all huddled in their classrooms, working on…whatever it was that they were teaching these kids. It didn’t really matter.

But, with a wave of new students came a new wave of employees. Every year, it was the same thing…new teachers would arrive, mess everything up, and he would be forced to deal with it. He scowled a bit…last year’s fiascos had been particularly difficult to handle.

Maybe…just maybe, this year won’t go so badly.

He turned the corner, having decided to head back towards his office before the kids arrived, when he noticed a young woman at the end of the hall. She was unfamiliar to him…she was quite beautiful, but if he didn’t recognize her, that means she was one of the new teachers. 

And she was hanging around outside the Biology lab. Brilliant. That mean’s she’s going to get all buddy-buddy with

It took him a moment to realize he’d walked straight up to her, and she was looking back at him.

"A-ah, good morning, Ms…I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve been introduced yet. I am Vice Principal Luhre Alberic."

It was not his most elegant moment.

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2nd person gets: A french kiss from my character.

Feliks leans in, running a finger across her jaw before gripping her chin lightly and pressing his lips to hers.



Georgaina had been having a hard time controlling the Benedicts, but she never expected it was going to be this bad. She had been chasing them for a good thirty minutes now as they sped bee-line down a  path on the outskirts of Castelia. 

Such a bright, sunny day, and it would have to be spent chasing the unruly exeggcute. Not even Omri, newly evolved and fast as he was, could hang on to one of them long enough for them to be contained. He was getting tired, and so was Georgaina. Her long strides started to get shorter and shorter as she ran out of breath and energy. 

Just ahead, she caught sight of the silhouette of a man right in the Benedicts’ path. Dread knotted her stomach as she called out, “Watch out!!!”

Too late. The bee-line of eggs ran right into the back of the man, bouncing off his armor and falling to the ground, only to quickly regain themselves and skitter around Georgaina. Of course now you come back. She frowns at them and quickly runs to apologize to him. “I’m so, so sorry sir!”

((If you don’t know the new pokemon, I still have to update Geo’s app but they’re here if you need to look c: ))

Happier Headcanons

Because I post a surprising lack of those for Georgaina :’) and this is making up for all the sad ones that I keep throwing at you guys :’)

  • Moving her life to the ranger guild will probably be the best thing she ever does for herself. Not only does it give her a purpose, something she lacked at home, but it also takes her farther and farther away from the constant reminders of her past. She’s recovering more and more every day. This one is happy ok? Ok.

  • Georgaina’s parents are still alive, and send her letters frequently. Even though they’re far away at the moment, they constantly send their love and support.

  • She’s really quite proud of her vast collection of herbs. If anyone can get her talking about the ones she has, she could go on for a good hour or so before reminding herself that she had been essentially giving a lecture.

  • Calder is a huge fan of cuddles. He likes to bury himself in Georgaina’s cape while she sleeps and stay there for the night. Since she’s had him since he was very young, he sees her as a mother figure.

  • Georgaina makes very strong friendships, providing she actually converses with someone. She rarely lets little squabbles get in the way and tends to forgive easily for people she cares about. She also loves to send care packages ~

Before I REALLY get into my comic, I need to finish updating my app so people can get a decent reference. Anyway I’m just finishing up some lineart.
I only made a change to her cape, making her amulet the main piece holding it together instead of a necklace to get in the way *shrugs*

The Last Stop

The air was heavy with the smells of the market as Georgaina weaved her way through the crowded streets to the vendors, selling herbs where she could and picking up some from other regions. Calder close behind her, since she could never attend the market alone. The contents of her pack were constantly being exchanged, and she found herself some interesting little trinkets while she was at it. They’d make good gifts, she figured. She knew a particular young ranger from the icy regions that would enjoy them.

One of her last stops of the night was a stand just a few down, where she’d seen herbs displayed before among other lovely items. They had seemed to be from a different region, which was exactly what she was looking for.

When she arrived, she took a moment to look over her wares. Indeed she found a few herbs that had yet to be found in her collection. She was far too interested in the find to notice Calder eying a smooth, shining bit of pottery, and sticking his tongue out to lick it. A second later, she caught it in her peripherals “Calder don’t you dare!”

He pulled back and bowed his head shamefully. 

“I apologize, he won’t do it again.” She smiled lightly to the merchant. “I was actually wondering, where do your wares come from? I notice some of these herbs displayed here are found a great ways away from here.”

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((Geo/Feliks babies? :') ))

Name: Ilias Amiraz

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Medium-brown hair to his chin, with a slight wave. On the tall side, with a slim build and a perma-tan thanks to his golden skin tone. Slanted hazel eyes.

Personality: Quiet, observant, and polite. He’ll talk, but it will take him a while to warm up to anyone—he needs there to be a certain level of trust before he becomes less reserved. And god help anyone who gets him angry, the cold, manipulative, slightly vindictive bastard. He gets his father’s blank smile for that.

Special Talents: Reading people.

Who They Like Better: … Probably doesn’t get too close with either parent.

Who They Take After More: Even split.

Personal Headcanon: He spends a lot more time on his own than you would expect. While he doesn’t mind company, he prefers silent moments when he can think to himself. And while he’s aware of any attention he gets, and enjoys it, he’s rarely one to reach out to people. ((BOY WHY ARE YOU SO RESERVED))