Test - Capra Demon sketch.

I’m enjoying having a larger work surface (from the 3x5 of my teeny Bamboo tablet) and even though this tablet has fewer programmable buttons, the ones here come pre mapped in Photoshop at least - zoom, brushes, eraser pencil etc.

Comes with a generous amount of replacement nibs which is nice (my bamboo tablet had zero). 

Sorry for the really bad photo - it was taken from my phone.

I needed to practise some traditional things for a request sent my way so what better way to do it then by painting an evil looking black jester?

I have to admit I think WHP’s avatar is great. 

I have to admit, I do feel a bit like a kid, since I can’t even paint in the lines anymore.

sketched the creature from Fenter Woods by Mr. Twelve today. I’m very fond of it, as it was the first creature based creepypasta I listened to (the title of first ever goes to “The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen” by PowerHawkMash).

I need to find a better way to digitise my traditional stuff, as photographing it isn’t a great way to share them.