So people, what's your choice of kinesis?
  • Telekinesis- moves solid objects with your mind
  • Aerokinesis- manipulate wind
  • Pyrokinesis- manipulate fire
  • Cyrokinesis- manipulate ice
  • Hydrokinesis- manipulate water
  • Geokinesis- manipulate earth
  • Electrokinesis- manipulate electrical currents
  • Magnokinesis- manipulate magnetic fields
  • Photokinesis- manipulate light
  • Gyrokinesis- manipulate gravity

Cold as winter, strong as stone; 
She faced the darkness all alone. 
A silver goddess; a reflection. 
A mirage; a recollection. 
No return; no turning back. 
The past is gone, the future, black. 
Serpents gather in their nest, 
And she stands above the rest. 
Shadows hunt; she hunts the shadow. 
The moon is risen; she stands below. 
She views her world through the eyes of others. 
Black and white; there are no colors, 
As she looks down upon a shattered youth. 
A shattered mirror shows a shattered truth.

-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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1) If you could have any superpower(s), what would you choose?

Geokinesis kind of like Terra, maybe weather powers like storm, and telekinesis so I could make stuff come to me when I’m too lazy to get up and get it myself. Oh and flight

2) What if you were a super villain?

I’d be the most fucking laziest super villain in history. Although maybe being a sort of anti-hero might be fun.

3)  What about a super Hero?

I would need A LOT of training and swinging from buildings would be fucking awesome. But as I am I’m too lazy. I would totally love being Tim though and be able to be all smart and intellectual and all that shiz. Yes I am a girl and I am saying that I would love to turn into a comic book character male. Come at me bro.

4) Right or left handed?

Right handed~

5) Game you are currently playing/last played?

It was awhile ago but I believe I last played Batman Lego with my Mom.

6) Cats or Dogs?

I like both but I favor cats more.

7) Cake or Pie?

Cake. I only like hershey pie. Damn now I want cookie dough ice cream.

8) I choose you, ____?

O.O I-I don’t know what I’m suppose to say to this…

9) If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, what would you do?


10) Hooray!  You’ve survived the zombie apocalypse!  What are you going to do now?

Nope, you are mistaken my friend. I would die so I would be dead therefore I wouldn’t be able to do anything after it ended.

11) Favorite ship and/or most guilty/secret ship?

My top favorite ships as of right now (because I can’t chose one) are TimKon, DickTim, and JayTim.TimRa’s and TimOlderDami are my guilty ships.

Questions for my Lovelies:
1)top ten ships? TimKon, DickTim, JayTim, TimOlderDami, TimRa’s, TimSlade, TimRoy, BruceTim, YukiShuichi, GambitRogue
2)Do you have/have you ever had those “friends” who you were only really “friends” with because you saw them everyday at school? If yes, when did you realize it? No comment
3)Do you consider this real friendship or not? (referring to #2) No
4)What is the weirdest/boldest thing you’ve done in public with friends? Was it fun? Stood on the back porch of my my friends house as the three/four of us screamed/sang at the top of our lungs I KISSED A GIRL by Katy Perry to the people who were at the gas station across from her house. No regrets.
5)If you were given the chance to join your fav. fictional characters in their universe, but had to drop everything and leave everything/everyone else behind at that exact moment; would you? Why/Why not? Could I become someone in that universe instead of being myself? I’ve spent tons of time coming up with the idea of an invention where you can go into fictional universes and have thought out every loophole that everything/anything that could go wrong. You would have the choice to go into whatever fictional universe you want and get to chose who you want to be and even get to chose the plot or if it’s an au or if you want to play from the normal canon timeline. You will also get to chose if when you enter this universe if you’ll remember who you really are in the real world or not or if you want to add personality traits of yourself to this character. After being in this unive for two weeks or a a month everything will suddenly pause (and if you chose to not remember who you are in rl you will remember when this question pops up) and you’ll be asked if you wish to continue or return to rl or save your progress, etc. No matter how long you’ve been in this universe it will only appear to have been minutes in rl. If you die something will pop up and ask you if you wish to start over or return to rl. Oh and who ever you chose to be you can edit their appearance, personality, etc. You can also go to a sort of home page where you’ll be able to do all these edits and change settings and after a month and that question pops up if you wish to continue you can save what progress you’ve made and return to home and pick a new plot or universe or character. You can also chose to create a character or play as yourself. Any injuries you acquire will not appear present in rl. While you’re playing in rl you will simply appear to be asleep. SOMEONE PLZ INVENT THIS.
6)Favorite superhero and why? Tim fucking Drake because he’s a fucking smart little nerd who’s adorkable.
7)Are you satisfied with where you are in life? Eh
8)Where do you see yourself (ideally) in five years? No comment
9)Where do you see yourself in five years(realistically)? No comment
10)If you could bring one-AND ONLY ONE- fictional character to life, who would it be? Why them? (interpret this question however you want whether it be bringing them to our world or raising the dead etc.) Timmy! c: Because he could teach me fight moves and teach me computer stuff and I could hug him and comfort him when he’s moody.
11)Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey? (aka the book that wants to be bdsm but is really abuse) Never read it. In 8th grade Home Ec class some girl moved over to my table and kept talking about it and was writing her own little Fifty Shades of Gray like book/fic.

Eh I’m too lazy to come up up with my own questions right now and tag people. That’s right I’m breaking the rules. Come at me bro.

5secsofnope said:

Wyr swim with cake or go to an amusement park with Mashton

swim w/ cake

ship; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

partner in crime; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

nemesis; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

you’re a; hero // villain // sidekick

superpower; geokinesis

theme song; kinda outta luck - ldr


anonymous said:

If you were to be stranded on a desert island with only five other people, whom would you choose to keep you company?

I have put much thought into this as I would need five people who would be beneficial to me. Each person would have to play their part in the name of survival.

First off we would need someone who has the power of geokinesis as we would need to set up camp and to do this we would need to find shelter. For this I choose Piper Reed. With complete control over her power she can create a hollow area within a rock surface so that we have somewhere to sleep, she would also be able to make plants grow which in turn would into a food source.

Secondly, I would choose Tessa Burke. The freshman has the incredible ability of enhanced senses. With that we would be able to find food and water sources not to mention she would hear danger from a mile off. 

My third choice would be Leonette Wallis. With the use of her hydrokinesis would be incredibly useful considering this is a desert island. I’m assuming it is surrounded by water which would mean her power would be intensified tenfold, and with that she could literally part the waves. I’m pretty sure that she would be able to lead us off the island.

My fourth choice would be Christopher Jennings. Along with Piper Reed, Mr Jennings would be able to move natural obstacles that we may come across, not to mention he is also physically adept. A man of his stature would give us a physical presence. He can also keep us safe. Safety is a large priority as there will only be six of us. It is of the utmost importance that we all remain in one piece.

My last choice would be Seth Whitfield. With the control over fire, he will be able to keep us warm by keeping the fire burning. If we’re not going to be rescued then I would like to not die from the cold that is surely to be evident on a deserted island. Seth will fill that role.


Of course, this is all based on the fact that the island may be dangerous. As I have never experienced this personally, I went with what seemed logical.

Witch - Powers
  • How to choose powers:

Each witch is given a total of six (6) points upon joining. The corresponding number of the tier pertains to the number each power in that tier takes (exmaple: tier I = 1 point per power listed, tier IV = 4 points per power listed). Witches can only have up to 3 powers, so these 6 points can only be spent on three total powers. There is no restriction on what combined powers a witch can take as long as those powers are not already capped (we cap powers once three witches take a power to encourage the even spread of all powers).

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Possible Kinetic Power List

* = Common **=Uncommon ***= Rare

Aciukinesis: Manipulate sharpness of objects**
Audiokinesis: Manipulate and generate sound*
Botanokinesis: Manipulate and generate plants**
Cryokinesis: Manipulate and generate ice*
Crystallokinesis: Manipulate minerals and crystal*
Electro(Fulgur)kinesis: Manipulate and generate electricity*
Ferrokinesis: Manipulate metal*
Flyrokinesis: Manipulate and generate force fields**
Geokinesis: Manipulate the earth*
Hallucikinesis: Manipulate illusions***
Hyalokinesis: Manipulate glass*
Hydrokinesis: Manipulate and generate water*
Ionikinesis: Manipulate plasma*
Mégethoskinesis: Manipulate size**
Molydbkinesis: Manipulate magnetism**
Naturakinesis: Manipulate nature**
Nucleokinesis: Manipulate nuclear substances, blasts etc.**
Oleokinesis: Manipulate oil**
Oneirokinesis: Manipulate dreams**
Pathokinesis: Manipulate emotions***
Phobikinesis: Manipulate fears***
Photokinesis: Manipulate and generate light*
Pyrokinesis: Manipulate and generate fire*
Quintekinesis: Manipulate life force***
Seismokinesis: Generate vibration*
Spatio-Chronokinesis: Manipulate space and time***
Thanatokinesis: Manipulate death force***
Umbrakinesis: Manipulate darkness*

Name: Clara Katiba Age: Nineteen Faceclaim: Gage Golightly OPEN

"If you don’t get out of my way, I will move you out of my way."

       ▬ ♚ C O D E N A M E :  GEO
       ▬ ♚   S T A T U S :  ICARUS

       ▬ ♚   M U T A T I O N: GEOKINESIS

                ❝ PERSONALITY T R A I T S 」

                       ⅰ. Irritable
                       ⅱ. Fierce
                       ⅲ. Detached
                       ⅳ. Decisive


Clara was the elder of two children in a rocky marriage, but the eldest by just enough. She and Ryan were best friends throughout childhood and in a town like theirs, with parents who never seemed to be keeping an eye out, a best friend was direly needed. It always seemed like that town was a sinkhole, a place that no one ever got out of and a place where refuse tended to find it’s way. The cops were useless, the school system was bad, and the kids were usually mean. Clara and Ryan may have been at each other’s throats once in a while, but external forces would be hard pressed to do damage to them when they were together. 

Mr. Katiba was disloyal and everyone knew it, Mrs. Katiba didn’t mind, and the pair were always fighting, constantly fighting. It was no wonder that they divorced, but it had never been for the reason anyone thought. When Clara’s mother discovered that her daughter was a gifted mutant like herself, she immediately wanted her to be in a safer, more stable place. She filed for divorce against her better judgement and fought for custody of both children. Without telling him why, or taking it to court for a battle, she finally gave up on both kids and took the one she thought would need her more. Clara had budding powers already at twelve and given what she knew about the place, her mother wasn’t going to let her grow up in that town. 

Clara moved with her mother across the country and at her urging, didn’t tell her brother that she was a mutant. She kept in close contact with him, though, calls and letters every day at first, then at least once a week, then it faded to a couple of times a month. Clara was spending more and more time concentrating on control, pushed by her mother nearly to her breaking point more often than not. Between that and her shortcomings where reading and writing were concerned, she didn’t have time or patience for letters and phone calls as often as she would have liked. The older she got, the more she fought with her mother, hating the strict training she was being put through and learning to loathe the words “giving you what I never had.” 

Between tensions rising between humans and mutants and tensions rising between herself and her mother, Clara spent a lot of time trying to simply get away from everyone and everything. She had been planning on returning to her brother the moment she graduated high school, simply going back, telling him she was a mutant and seeing if he still accepted her, then getting them both out and to a safe place. She had heard of the Black Dahlia Society, looked into it, and quickly turned away. They weren’t what she was looking for. All she wanted anymore was to not answer to anyone, and she certainly didn’t want to be above anyone. She was mere months from finishing everything she had going and leaving her mother behind when she had a last falling out with her. That high-powered fight was what put her in the hospital and Clara’s mother made a call to her son to bring him to her side. When Clara woke up from her injuries, she and her brother were in Elysium and she didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t humans who had hurt her. 



Geokinesis: User is granted the ability to manipulate the earth around her, from sediment rock to diamond to coal, anything that came from within the Earth as a part of it.


Once Clara gets started it’s hard to stop her. Sure, she tends to get headaches if she uses the ability too much, but they’re no worse than her others. The real downfall is her sensitivity to electricity. Shocks cause her extreme pain and can put her out of commission for hours.


Clara has a little known disability called Irlen’s Syndrome, which is a visual perception problem. It makes it difficult for her to read and sensitive to light, as well as giving her migraines with too much strain. 


Ryan Katiba: Brother

kmedwards said:

I don't know if my first message went through or not. My phone is acting up. But anyways, I would ship you with all of 5sos! You would be the perfect girlfriend for each and every one of them!

aw thank you

ship; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

partner in crime; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

nemesis; cal-pal // smash // mike-ro-wave // dr. fluke

you’re a; hero // villain // sidekick

superpower; geokinesis 

theme song; power - kanye west