geogallery said:

Do you and Carl Sagan have the same birthday or something? I tried checking your blog in case someone asked that, but I missed it I suppose. Anyway, happy birthday to both of you stellar human beings.

Nah lol my birthday comes after his on the 10th of Nov. It’s always been an honor to have my bday so close to my idol. Thank you <3

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The Questions:

1) Whats one of your unpopular opinions? I’m an atheist, but I’m not one of those asshole atheist that sit around lecturing anyone with a belief. I don’t speak unless provoked.. 

2) In your favorite fandom, what is something you would love to see? no matter how ridiculous? Another season of Firefly and I suppose this is only ridiculous because everyone is way older now lol 

3) Something that a person can do that never fails to drive you crazy? If I put on a film for both of us to watch, you better give that film your undivided attention. You’re going to drive me banana sandwiches if you whip out your phone on some film I talked you into watching..

4) What are you looking forward to before 2013 is done? Thor: The Dark World, Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, and a few art projects I have planned for myself.. 

5) What fictional universe would you like to live in? The Marvel Universe of course. Having said that, I wouldn’t dare live in any major city for fear of dying in some climatic battle. I just want to spend ,my life fangirling over real heroes and villains, that is all..

My Questions:

1. What’s one of your unpopular opinions?
2. Who is your favorite director?
3. First crush on a fictional character?
4. What show’s finale totally let you down and why?
5. Describe yourself in one sentence

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