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1325. To overcome Slade's control, Terra had to think of something to give her strength, so she thought about her brother Brion. From her fight with Slade to her sacrifice, she kept him in the back of her mind. That was also partially why she stayed: She wanted to prove to herself that she could control lava and be a hero, just like Brion.

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Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #2 Review

I loved the first issue of Batman nad the Outsiders because…I loved the Outsiders.  How could you not?  They were so great and Marc Andreyko did such an outstanding job of introducing them that I instantly fell in love with every member, except maybe Halo.  She was in a coma for most of the issue.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been a Convergence tie-in without the Dome going down and the villain being introduced.  That did happen and it set up a battle with OMAC.  Yes, the One Man Army Corps is in the house and ready to cause trouble.

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Worlds Finest 300 … DC comics … On the cover : Batman , Superman , Geo-Force , Halo , Katana , Metamorpho , Green lantern , Green Arrow , Firestorm , Wonder Woman , Hawkman , Red Tornado … Batman and Superman bring together the Justice League and the Outsiders to make a last ditch offensive on the Pantheon and a final attempt to save Earth from the Cosmic Tree.