Hi there! There goes a Togepi image I did time ago for The Official Chilean Pokédex: Johto. In the begining the idea was to do a pic of Lugia, but my 7 YO kid is a big fan of the old TV show, and asked me if I can draw Togepi… The thing is he later he asked me: “if you draw togepi alone, he will be very sad, why dont you add Misty?”… and so I added misty. Then, told me: “well, if Togepi and Misty are together, maybe Psyduck could be there too”… and I added Pysduck. Later he saw the draw: “that is not fair!, you did Togepi, Misty and Psyduck togerther! no love for Staryu?”….and Staryu was added.
Listen to the kids always is a good idea :P

This an image done for The Official Chilean Pokédex Project:


PSCS4/Wacom Bamboo/6 Hours.

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)

Hi there guys! You know for a odd reason I never done a pic of Star fox: I spent a lot of time playing it, since the release day. I used to go after school to near mall with my best friend to play this game over and over again and go home to keep playing it. Maybe was the incredible music by Hajime Hirasawa, maybe was the awesome graphics  (it ¡was a SNES game) but you know, Starfox for SNES is still one of my favorite games ever :)
I have rly good memories of that time :)

and I´m creating good memories now!! :D my 5 YO kid just discover SNES games and he loves Starfox too :)

This is an image done time ago for the Bienal del Cartel in V-Con Event in mexico//Es una imagen que hice para la Bienal del Cartel en Mexico, es un Honor haber sido invitado a participar! por cierto… Que envidia, va Akira Yamaoka :) ojala que la pasen bien:) Mas info del evento aqui.

PSCS4/Bamboo/8hours/music: Starfox OST - Ending Theme