Ladies and gentlemen from the High Society of Wizarding England, you have all been invited to the wedding of Jensen Malfoy and Stiles Rosier. The wedding takes place into the big Malfoy manor, in the Kent. It’ll last the whole day, from 11am to the night. 

The Malfoys and the Rosiers are pleased to announce that marriage, and invited all the pure blood families, included the Bulstrode, the Greengrass, the Blacks and the Lestranges. 

All guest must wear appropriated outfits and shall bring presents for the couple.

Be careful though, a marriage is a place where everyone can be tempted to use poisons, or to send spiessuch as maids and house elves.

If it helps you getting organized, you can tag your thread: v; the purest of them all along with that one: t; first wedding

His and Hers Fashion Challenge by judysingley-polyvore featuring a gray lace skirt

Tunic, $67 / Swing coat / Valentino gray lace skirt, $1,830 / Sole Society flat loafer shoes / Nancy Gonzalez crocodile handbag / Impulse rolo chain necklace, $10 / CIRCLE OF GENTLEMEN MEN Denim shirt, $225 / Marc Anthony Modern-Fit Mini-Checked Flat-Front Gray Suit Pants Men / Wackerhaus Jasmine oversize mens blazer, $375 / GUESS | Jeans, Clothing & Accessories for Men and Women: Shop the…, $150

My hair, beard, and mustache is honestly a constant validation of my individuality and a constant reminder that I get to make my OWN decisions about my appearance without having to listen to what ANYONE has to say.

“Oh, you should at least keep a clean shave to look more presentable.”

“Oh what’s with the beard, are you a terrorist now (laughs)?”

Also, in sharing this, I’m now thinking about individuality with respect to women. We, as men are always suggesting how certain women in our lives (or otherwise) ought to look or dress or appear…..if we all take a second to really think about how pathetic we sound most of the time, we wouldn’t say half of the things we say. Respecting their individuality is honestly the very least we could do, and I’m pretty sure that they are capable of making their own decisions without our two cents coaching tips.

Unlearning the things we’ve been taught our entire lives may be difficult but at some point we all have to grow up and see that we’ve learned to view the world from a male-privileged perspective.

Please, do better. Love yourself. Love others, as they choose to present themselves. ✌🏾️


OR maybe these were two guys raised right by their mommas who were told to try and make a girls day when she looks sad, or see if you can walk her home, or “join her” when she’s alone at night looking upset. This is pretty much the reason I hate how feminism is being shown in our society right here. Sure, granted maybe these two guys were total creeps. But maybe they saw a girl looking sad, with no idea what was going on in her life, and thought they could try and make it better. And what do they get? A girl calling them a fuckboi and saying her existence isn’t for them. Like really? ALL THEY DID WAS COMPLIMENT YOU. Without any expectations the guy said you were pretty and tried to make your day. He didn’t say it creepily, he didn’t ask for your number! He just said you were pretty and hoped you would feel better. THIS is why guys have stopped being gentleman. Personally? If I’m looking upset alone at night? I DAMN WELL HOPE some kind soul asks if I’m okay.

Old Fashioned Review #143, Shaker & Company 119 Hampstead Road, London NW1  @Shaker_Company

Shaker & Company is a rather comfortable watering hole situated in that bar desert land lying between Euston, Fitzrovia and Camden.  A handsome Old New Orleans style cocktail bar, it is owned by the Shaker chain of bar schools, a well-regarded academy for bartenders aiming to perfect their crafts. The bar has a comprehensive array of spirits and when gentlemen of the Society visited on Saturday evening last, splendid beverages for the whole party were mixed, with minimal fuss or showboating.

One wonderful example of particular interest to readers of this here journal will be Shaker & Company’s  'Barrel Aged Old Fashioned’ - a house blend of Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10 year and WL Weller Bourbons, dark sugar, aromatic bitters, aged in oak for 28 days.

Strong with an orange tang, served in a noble Old Fashioned tumbler, perhaps only a little less ice may have improved this very enjoyable effort.  Barman Mr Luca Storiani, take a bow.  

The General and his colleagues Crown Prince Hawken and Sir Russell Apertyx award this drink and establishment 8 /10.

the moment people care is the moment you are no longer there, ladies and gentlemen, today’s society.
—  anonymous

Gentlemen of Dermatology Society

I made this logo for my client, Andrew, who started a society of dermatologists with a focus on men’s health issues. He came to me with an idea and what we executed I believe is flawless. On top of being one of the funnest logos I’ve done it is also one of my favorites!