Ladies and Gentlemen… Fancy Cats!

I spent most of today feeling sick and just sleeping it off. I would have went out and helped with groceries or something but everything’s closed for Family day. By 8:00, I woke up and made a small pot of spaghetti and decided to make it a ‘fancy’ feast. The house hold cats… Millianna (Millie - Top and Bottom), Dio (Middle, left) and Ruby (Middle, right).

Knock on my door.

I just heard a knock on my bedroom door. Everyone except for me is sleeping.

They knocked again. Weird, nobody in this house is so respectful to knock twice… I get up from the computer. I doubtly walk to the door. The knock is persistent, as if they are in hurry to get in. But not a single word. “What do you want?!” I ask, trying not to wake the rest of my family. Still no answer.

I hesitate but open the door. I see no one. I look down and he meows. It’s the cat. Nero wants in, Nero knocks the door. What a gentlecat.


I come back home and find that he spent the entire morning destroying one of my favorite shirts. And then he slept on it and barfed all over it. At least I hope that’s the correct order.

He also used my Wacom’s pen as a toothpick. Fortunately for his fur, it still works fine despite the chewing marks…