Good Morning - Sam Winchester and Kevin Tran One Shot


“I loved the how you wrote the ‘dirty pictures’ and was wondering if you could do a samxreader fucking in the kitchen and Kevin walks in and gets hard and cause sam and reader are in a friends with benefits situation reader sorts out Kevin (oral and fucking)? ;) Yours truly, fan”

Word Count: 1,700

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Getting walked in on, if that’s a warning? But mostly just smut :)

Good Morning

You wiped the sleep out your eyes as you rolled over in your bed, reaching over to check the time on your phone as light flooded through your window. You sighed at the fact that it was still pretty early, but you felt quite awake so decided to get a good start on the day rather than stay in bed on the off-chance you drifted off again. After a quick shower you pulled on a simple tank top and some baggy shorts, combing your fingers through your wet hair as you made your way to the kitchen.

Of course Sam was already up and fixing himself some breakfast, humming along to the radio as he floated around the kitchen happily. You raked your eyes over his bare chest since he was just wearing simple blue pyjamas bottoms, and licked your lips as you caught his eye.

"Good Morning Sammy." You purred, slowly walking towards him as he poured you a cup of coffee with a cheeky smile on his face. He let his eyes draw slowly up your bare legs, lingering on your chest for a moment before finally grinning at the smirk on your face as the effects of your proximity were already beginning to show through Sam’s pyjamas.

"Good Morning Sexy." He replied, pulling you flush against his chest, his strong hand pressing on your lower back firmly. He waited for you to swallow your sip of coffee before his lips crashed onto yours, taking the breath out of you for a second before you warmly kissed back, always enjoying Sam’s frisky moods. You and Sam had been sleeping together for weeks now, sneaking into each other’s bedrooms or pulling the other into a bunker-closet any chance you got, unable to keep your hands off each other. And as much as Sam was gorgeous and sweet and smart neither of you had developed any feelings for each other outside of your friends with benefits relationship which made it even better since you were both just in it for the fun.

"You seem to be in a very good mood this morning." You teased as Sam’s lips moved down to your neck, knowing exactly where to kiss and suck to make you squirm underneath him and moan softly. His hands feverishly ran over your body, hungry for the feel of your skin and he quickly pulled off your vest, discarding it and feasting his eyes on your bare chest.

"Let’s just say that coffee isn’t the only hot thing that I want to fill you with." He joked, as he slipped one of his hands into the waistband of your shorts, while the other hand massaged your chest making you moan at his skilled touch. He rubbed you roughly through your damp panties and bucked your hips into him grinding against the erection growing harder and more sensitive between his legs. He groaned at your pressure and slipped his fingers into your panties rubbing over your clit with his thumb as his mouth returned to yours, desperately sucking and sliding his tongue between your lips. You palmed Sam through his pyjamas, drawing guttural groans from him and he bucked his hips into your hand, needy for more friction. You happily obliged running your fingers over his waistband teasingly before finally plunging your hand into his trousers and taking his tip in your grasp. You rubbed your thumb over his slit hearing the pleasure rumbling within him, his tip already sticky with precum. He gripped the counter firmly with his free hand as you swirled your thumb over his tip, moaning yourself as two of his fingers slipped between your folds, plunging into your hot wet centre and massaging your walls, quickly pumping in and out of you.

"Fucking (Y/n) I’m close." Sam groaned as you took the length of him in your hand firmly, pumping over him in time with his bucking hips. You could feel him tensing up against you and his breath hitched as you picked up your pace, moving your lips to his neck and moaning in his ear,

"Come for me big boy, let me see you come undone Sammy." You felt your own legs going weak as Sam continued to move his fingers rhythmically inside of you, until his breath hitched and he erupted, spilling out into your hand. You bit and licked softly on his jaw as you milked him completely, getting more turned on by the way his face twisted in ecstasy at the touch of your hand. As his focus returned, he quickly withdrew his hand from your shorts, sliding them to your ankles along with your panties and dropping to his knees in front of you.

The feeling of his hot breath between your legs and the cold marble counter against your back already had the pleasure inside of you mounting and you felt ready to burst as Sam began to trace circles over your clit lightly with his finger while his tongue licked over your folds. Your moans filled the kitchen as his tongue plunged into you, curving up to brush over your g-spot with every darting motion.

“You like that don’t you? You’re so wet and you taste so sweet gorgeous.” Sam growled against you, the vibrations from his deep, rumbling voice sending an extra wave of pleasure through you, bringing you closer to the edge as the rubbing motion of his fingers got rougher against you. You could almost feel your walls clench but just before you could get there you and Sam startled when you heard a moan coming from the doorway.

You whimpered as Sam’s face drew away from you, feeling so close that you were half tempted to just grab Sam’s face and pull him back against you, but as you glanced up through hooded eyes you saw an equally sexy sight. Kevin leant against the doorframe, clutching it tightly for support with one hand while the other worked over his throbbing manhood underneath his pyjamas. His eyes shot open in shock and embarrassment as he released you and Sam had noticed him watching you, but Sam laughed heartily and walked over to Kevin, patting him on the back.

“Good Morning Kevin! You know what? Since you’re enjoying the show so much, why don’t you take my place from here? I’m sure you could show her a good time!” Sam beamed, pushing Kevin towards you and waving you goodbye as he went to get himself cleaned up. You motioned for Kevin to come over to you with one finger, and he quickly scurried towards you with the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face. You had been so close to the edge from Sam that you knew it wouldn’t take much to finish you off, so to get Kevin up to speed, you dropped his pyjamas to his ankles and blew softly on his glistening tip. He shuddered at even this gentle sensation and you smirked at the way his knees almost buckled as you swirled your tongue over his tip softly.

“Oh God (Y/N)!” He groaned as you licked the length of his a few times, pressing your tongue firmly against him while you raked your nails over his thighs. His breathing turned to heavy panting the instant you took his tip in your mouth, bobbing over him a few times before slowly sliding down to take more of him in. His fingers trailed through your hair, keeping it out of your face as you sucked him noisily, his hips bucking into your mouth softly despite his best efforts to keep still. When you felt him pulsing and twitching against your tongue you knew he was close so you rose back to your feet, and quickly Kevin’s lips were on yours, his desire for you obvious.

You were surprised at his forwardness as he lifted you up by the bare bum, wrapping your legs around his waist as he pressed your back firmly against a wall, keeping you in place as he ran his aching manhood over your folds. He slammed into you, leaving you no time to adjust to his size as his hips started rolling, finally filling your desperate need for friction and fullness. His gaze was fixed to your bouncing chest as he slammed into you over and over, lust burning intensely in his eyes.

You had never seen this dominating side of the usually timid Kevin but after the morning of build-up it was exactly what you needed to bring you back to the edge. His hands held your thighs firmly, keeping your legs wrapped tightly around him, and you clutched at his shoulders and chest, needing to feel as much of his burning skin as you could. He began an assault of kisses across your chest, before leisurely grazing his tongue over your sensitive nipples, making every inch of your skin tingle. This extra sensation combined with his deep thrusts into you and the way you moaned your name like a prayer was enough to finally tip you over the edge, your intense orgasm ripping through you and melting away every inch of strength you had as you practically collapsed against the wall. Kevin’s grip was the only thing that kept you from sliding to the floor as he continued slamming into you, helping you ride out every second of overwhelming pleasure, and revelling in your loud, erotic moans until he finally lost control and filled you with his warm seed.

He gently lowered you until you were stood on the floor again, a little surprised that your weak legs could hold you as you squeezed round Kevin’s panting frame to throw your vest and shorts back on. You grabbed your full mug of coffee off the ledge, pleasantly surprised that it was still hot enough to drink and took a happy sip, feeling very satisfied. Kevin seemed completely lost for words as he pulled his trousers back up and watched you saunter over to him again. You held his waist softly, pulling him in for a sweet kiss, then pecking his cheek before heading towards the door to the corridor,

“Good Morning Kevin.” You laughed, with a wink as you glanced back at the flabbergasted prophet, already having an excellent day and it wasn’t even 9am yet!

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i loved that vacation story from your 60's au! could you write more about their vacation? like any local hotspots or some-such that will convinced hannibal to go to? (especially if those places involve more jealous hannibal :3)

Will looked at the sheaf of vacation pamphlets he had surreptitiously packed, sourced from a local travel agency. The pamphlets, adorned with garish colors and bad grammar, suddenly seemed like an offense to the serene haven of beauty and good taste that Hannibal had provided them for the week.

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Taylor Caniff (smut)
*Idea from monkeypants13*

You and Taylor had been dating for awhile now. But while he was in California you stayed home in Indian. You guys hadnt seen each other in a few months. You was going to go visit him but you had school to go to. He kept saying that he was going to come see you but he never did.

You guys facetimed a few times a day. He was constantly texting you. Making sure you knew that he loves and misses you.

You was laying in your bed in your apartment you had shared with Taylor before he left. So now it was just you. You was studying for this big test you had tomorrow. Youve been studying for a few hours now and decided to take a little break.

You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda and a banana. You walked into the living room and turned on the Tv. Teen wolf came on. You was intensely watching it when your phone went of signaling you had a message.

You looked Down at your phone and seen that it was from Taylor.

Tay- I miss you baby girl

Y/N- I miss you to baby

Tay- I have a surprise for you

Y/N-  Really? What is it?

Tay-  go into your room.

You did as Taylor said and walked to your room. There was a box on your bed. You opened it and seen a black lace lingerie set. Beside it was a card with a note on it. It read

Dear Y/ N,

I know your probably wondering about what’s going on but just trust me on this one. I need you to put this on and  grab my black bandana at the bottom of the box and tie it around your head and make sure its over your eyes.

Love tay,

You smiled to your self and ran into the bathroom to change into the black lace. You came back out and tied the bandana over your eyes. You laid down on your Ned and waited. About 2 minutes later you heard your front door open and close. You got all excited waiting for Taylor. It had been so long since you guys have touched each other.

You could feel your self getting wetter and wetter just waiting for him. You heard your bedroom door open and close. You felt the edge of your bed sink down. You was going to lift up your blind fold but you knew Taylor would punish you I’d you did. Even though that sounded really good right now.

You just stayed laying down. You felt Taylor move on the bed and then you felt his lips meet yours in a sweet lust filled kiss. You instantly kissed him back. You felt him straddle you and run his hands up and down your sides. You moaned into his mouth missing his touch. He took that opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. Exploring every single inch. Your hands came down to the him of his shirt and you pulled on it. Signaling for him to take it off. He complied and took it off. He reached his hands behind his back and unclasped your bra.

"I missed you so damn much" he whispered into your ear then going to kiss down your neck. You moaned in response just wanting him to touch you. You felt him reach over the side of the bed. He had grabbed something.

He lifted your arms up and tied your wrists to the bed posts. Probably with his bandanas. He started kissing down your chest. He stopped at your boobs. He took one into his mouth and sucked on the nipple making you moan. He squeezed and twisted your other nipple with his other hand then he switched. You was moaning mess. Wanted nothing more then to have him inside of you.

"Please baby just fuck me" you whimpered as he started pulling down your panties.

"I will baby, just wait" he said while kissing up the inside of your thigh. You new he wasn’t going to give in anytime soon. His face for closer to your heat and you could feel his hot breath hitting your clit.

You moaned out “Taylor please baby please”

He did as you asked and attached his mouth around your clit sucking on it. You just kept moaning his name. He moved his mouth and licked up your slit and went back to licking and sucking on your clit. You bucked your hips at him and he laid his arm over your hips to hold them down. You felt his fingers slide up and down your slit making you wetter. He slipped on finger in and started pumping it in and out.

"More please baby more" you moaned while trying to untie your hands.

He stuck another finger in and started pumping both of them in and out at top speed. He was flicking your clit with his tongue and you could tell you was getting closer and closer.

"I’m close baby" you moan while arching your back.

He completely pulled away and you whimpered at the lost of contact.

You heard the buckle of his belt hit the floor signaling that he had taken off his pants and hopefully his boxers too. You felt something tugging at your hands and then you were untied. Taylor also slide his bandana off of your eyes. And you looked at him for the first time today. You smiled and grabbed the back of his neck kissing him.

He kissed back and whispered in your ear.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard baby girl”

You moaned at the sound and he flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees. Your heat facing him. You felt his cock slide up and down your slit teasing you. He smacked your clit a few times before he slammed into you without warning. Causing you to yelling out in pleaser. He pulled out again not giving you time to adjust before slamming back in again. He kept that up. Thrusting into you harder and faster every time until he came up with his rhythm. You kept moaning out his name along with cuss words.

He grabbed the back of your hair pulled your head back. And he slapped your ass over and over making you moan. He was fucking you with no merci and you was loving ever minute of it. You felt your self clench around him getting closer to your high.

You heard Taylor moan “fuck I’m going to cum”

"Me too" you moaned back.

You felt him reach around you and start rubbing fast hard circles around your clit, sending you over the edge. Not even 2 seconds later you felt him cum inside of you. You guys rode out your highs before he pulled out and laid down beside you.

You smiled at him “I missed you so much baby”

He smiled back and pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you. “I missed you to baby girl.” You smiled at your pet name and pulled the blankets over you guys.

You looked up at Taylor and kissed his lips “I love you”

He kissed you back and said “I love you too” after that you guys went back to cuddling until you both feel asleep together.

A Quick Malec Fanific : Prompted by lunarosehitachiin

(Sometime after City of Heavenly Fire) (Some Smut, but not detailed.)
(I wrote this during class so I didn’t edit it, I apologize in advance)
Alec opened his eyes just a crack, he saw the warm ray of sunlight peaking through the closed velvet curtains in his boyfriends room. Shutting his eyes Alec allowed himself to lay in bed for a minute longer; it was then that he felt the bed sink down on the other side with added weight. When Alec turned and opened his eyes once more he was greeted by the handsome face of Magnus Bane, his one and only love, holding a blue coffee mug.
“Coffee?” Magnus asked as he leaned down to place a small kiss on his boyfriends forehead.
Alec’s eyes fell shut at the touch, his eyelashes casting a shadow of the pale skin of his cheeks. He reached out a hand and took the mug, his heart skipping a beat when their hands brushed, the feeling as fresh as the day they had met.
“I love you.” the Shadowhunter mumbled as he leaned up against Magnus’ bare chest.
“I love you too, Hun.” Magnus wrapped his arms around the other boy, feeling his warmth and strength. As Alec drank his coffee, Magnus ran his slender fingers through Alec’s hair. There was nothing in the known universe that the warlock would trade this moment for. They sat like that for several minutes just breathing each other in. Unbeknownst to Magnus, his Alec had something a bit less innocent on his mind. The mug hit the night stand with the resounding clunk of porcelain hitting wood and Alec turned hungry eyes on Magnus. Slightly taken aback, surprise filled Magnus’ cat eyes, and a small smirk crept its way onto his face. Alec crawled over the bed, filling the space that was previously between them. Alec’s blue eyes locked on Magnus’ as the shadowhunter straddled his boyfriends lap. Pulling the boy towards him, Magnus planted feverish kisses along Alec’s jaw and down to his neck. Magnus proceeded to pull the t-shirt off of Alec’s body, feeling every muscle as he did. Alec suddenly found himself under Magnus, the warlock kissing all down his body pausing only before pulling off the grey boxers which Alec had slept in. Alec threw his head back letting sensation rush over his body, coffee may have woke him up but only Magnus could make him feel this alive.
“This is going to be fun.” Magnus said in a devilish tone, although it was difficult to understand him as he was talking with his mouth full.
“I need you.” Alec whined.
“Patience love.” Magnus said as he brought his face to Alec’s kissing his nose. “I’m just getting started.” Alec exhaled and mentally prepared himself fro what was to come, and tried not to get too excited.
Breathing heavily from the physical exertion of the past hour (the benefits of runes and magic), Alec and Magnus laid on the bed tangled in sheets and each other.
“Never leave me.” Alec breathed. Magnus placed a comforting hand on his boyfriends cheek.
“Never again love. Never again.”
Alec smiled up at him. “Breakfast?”
Magnus got up nodding “Im starved.”

Like if you want me to write a breakfast one- it can be smutty or just fluff (I toned down all the smut just let me know if you want more ;) (I can do a lot, you have no idea)


You were leaning against the wall, drinking from a water bottle when Seth Rollins approached you. You sighed softly, you found Seth sort of like an annoying little brother - when he wasn’t flirting with you. Half the time, you were pretty sure he didn’t even like you, that he was just doing it to piss Dean off.

"[Y/N], you look amazing today." He told you.

You sighed softly. “Thank you, Seth.” You told him in a bored tone.

"I mean, seriously, those jeans just make your ass look ‘a’ plus!" He told you, a grin on his face.

You sighed once more. “Is that a compliment?” You asked.

"Oh, definitely." He told you, leaning a bit closer to you. Just at that moment, Dean came walking around the corner and you let out a sigh of relief.

"Flirting with my girl, Seth?" Dean asked, cocking an eyebrow. "C’mon, you’re better then that." He told him, before grabbing your arm. "C’mon, [Y/N], let’s go eat."

For the rest of the day, Dean was a bit off. He told you that Seth flirting with you didn’t piss him off, but you could tell he was lying. Whenever Seth was around he’d lean over and kiss you roughly or leave large hickies on your neck. A few times, he’d ‘whisper’ in your ear a bit too loudly about all the dirty things he’d do to you later. You had to admit that it turned you on - a lot.


Later that night you were laying in the hotel room with Dean, the one the two of you shared with Seth. Seth was out at the gym and you and Dean were alone. Dean leaned over and pressed a rough kiss to your lips. “So, Seth did piss me off earlier.” He admitted.

"Is that why you’ve been all over me today?"
"Can’t a man just want his girlfriend?"
"Not when that man is you, who’s rarely ever this affectionate. You’ve been trying to make Seth jealous!"
"Nothing? You’re not mad?"
"No. It was pretty hot."
"I’ll show you hot."
"Dean, what are you doing?"

Dean stood up and scooped you from the bed, carrying you into the bathroom. He sat you on the marble counter and locked the bathroom door. “Dean, what are you -” You went to question your boyfriend again before his lips were on yours roughly, his hands already tugging at your clothes.

His hands massaged your breasts through your shirt, almost ripping the fabric. You broke the kiss to help him take your shirt and bra off and unbutton your jeans. Dean moved to nip at your neck, beginning to kiss and suck on the skin to leave yet another hickie. You moaned, squirming beneath his touch.

Dean’s hands moved down your body, massaging your skin gently. He kissed down your body and slid off your jeans and underwear, leaning down to lick your clit lightly. You moaned loudly, wrapping your legs around his neck. He licked you again and again and you moaned loudly.
He kissed back up your body and took off his shirt, his jeans and boxers went next. He was fully hard and before you had time to register that, he thrust into you roughly. You both groaned as Dean pounded into you, his hands grabbing at your hips roughly. Each thrust caused you to moan loudly, your moans echoing in the large bathroom.

His lips were back on your neck, kissing gently this time. You groaned, bucking your hips back up against his. His groans were loud and that turned you on more, your hips moving quicker to meet his.

The bathroom was filled with your moans and groans and you were certain that they were audible in the bedroom too, part of you wondered if Seth was out there. Part of you hoped he was.

You felt Dean’s cock throb inside of you and your stomach tightened, you were close to orgasm and your moans got louder. As you reached your orgasm, you screamed out Dean’s name and came hard. He continued pounding into you, coming soon after you.

Pulling out, Dean smirked at you. “Get dressed. I want to see if Seth heard that.” You smirked and the two of you got dressed. When you left the bathroom you saw Seth on his bed, his cheeks bright red.

I'll Keep You Safe (Now Shut Up and Get Inside Me)

I’ll Keep You Safe (Now Shut Up and Get Inside Me)



Dean and Cas get stuck in the basement during a tornado and find a way to pass the time.

 PWP. Kinda OOC but this is shameless smut, with a tornado. Destiel. Teen!Au.

Rated E for the obvious.

Dean had just come out of the shower, donned in nothing more than a towel and a film of cool water dripping off his skin. He was on his way up the stairs to grab a change of clothes when he heard some pots clinking in the kitchen and decided to ask his mom what was for dinner. He didn’t get more than, “Hey mom-“, out of his mouth before jumping in a near heart attack at seeing Sammy’s tutor popping up from behind the door of their fridge. “Jesus Christ, Cas!”

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Renegade chapter 3

Running. I do a lot of it. I have to constantly be moving. Every morning I wake up at 7am to run. This morning it got interrupted by our angel friend though. It had been a year since Dean was pulled out of hell by Cas and he’d become one of our closest friends in that time.

As I rounded the block castiel appeared right in front of me causing me to knock both of us to the ground. I paused on top of him for a moment just staring into his gorgeous blue eyes.
"Cas!" I screamed slapping his chest and getting up. "I told you you can’t just appear in front of me all the time!"
"I’m sorry Haley but this is urgent!"
"Okay go ahead what is it?"
"I just I fear the apocalypse is coming."
"It is. Sam’s dumbass just had to kill Lilith and look where it’s gotten us."
"Yes but Haley I fear for you."
At that statement I chuckled. “Cas, I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl.”
"I heard talk from the angels. You’re meant to die in this."
I paused. I didn’t wanna die. “Sam and Dean are the true vessels for Michael and Lucifer and they are changing their fates. This is me changing mine. How am I supposedly gonna bite the dust?”
"I don’t know yet. I just want you to know I will be looking out for you. Always. I quite enjoy your company."
"Cas that’s very sweet but I’ll be okay." I smiled holding back my blush. Yeah okay I might have a crush on the angel can you blame me?
"Things are getting very weird Haley."
"You think? I helped stab Paris Hilton the other day."
"God saved you for a reason. Therefore I must protect you all it is the lords orders."
"Cas for an angel you really aren’t a dick."
"Well I did help get you out of a never ending Doctor Sexy episode."
"Yes you did! Thanks for that, I don’t see how Dean watches that."
"Haley I am here to ask if you will agree to allowing me to have constant vigilance on you. That way I can always keep you safe."
"Sure just don’t peep on me in the shower okay?"
"Yes okay"
We pulled up to the hotel in Vermillion, Ohio a car ride after Chuck texted us.
"So what does he need?" I questioned. I personally liked chuck. Despite him writing about me in his books and making the whole world aware I exist.
"I have no idea." Dean muttered.
Right when we walked in we immediately found out it was our over-enthusiastic fan Becky who sent the message.
"Is that really what people think I look like?" I exclaimed. Surrounding the room where tons of people dressed up as us.
All the convention attendees started investigating a “ghost hunt” but we quickly discovered that no, of course the hotel is really haunted.
"Well evidently this Gore women supposedly killed four children by scalping them, was the orphanage caretaker." Sam informed us.
"Okay so what we salt and burn her?" An imposter me asked.
"Woah chick, real Haley real hunter. I ask the questions." I was seriously getting annoyed with this.
Together with our copycats we set out to find Leticia’s bones to salt and burn them. Once we accomplished our task we accidentally set the ghosts of the boys free.
"Run!" I screamed as the boys tried to kill us. Before they could though our imposters successfully salted and burned their bones.
On our way out of their Becky stopped us
"Look Sam. I’m not gunna lie. We had undeniable chemistry. But like a monkey on the sun it was too hot to live. It can’t go on. Chuck and I, we found each other. My yin to his proud yang. And well, the heart wants what the heart wants. I’m so so sorry. "
"Yeah Sam sorry. " Chuck smiled at Sam sheepishly. Sam smiled back.
"Will you be all right?" Becky asked him. I couldn’t help but laugh.
Sam sighed “Honestly I don’t know. I’ll just have to find a way to keep living, I guess.”
"God bless you." Becky responded seriously concerned for him
"By the way Chuck. I think I speak for us all when I say we don’t mind if you keep writing books." I smiled at Chuck.
"Wow really?" He said excitedly
"No! We have guns and we will find and kill you!" I threatened.
"Ok ok no more books"
With that Sam and I made our leave.
"Sam Haley! Wait, one more thing. In chapter 33 of Supernatural Time is on my Side, there’s that girl Bela? She was British, and a cat burglar."
"I know." Sam said annoyed
"She stole the Colt from you and then she said she gave it to Lilith, remember?"
"Yes" Sam replied
"Well you know she lied right, she didn’t really give it to Lilith."
"Motherfucker." I responded.
"And Haley - Read the books! He likes you too!" Becky said ecstacicly as Sam looked over at me confused as I just shook my head.
As we got to the car I asked Dean if he was okay.
"Yeah fine."
"Okay well we got a lead on the colt."
"Yep, tell you on the way." Sam said as we all got into the Impala. Ready to continue the hunt.
"Dear Castiel, please appear and get down here! I need you!"
I heard a swoosh as he appeared behind me.
"Yes Haley?"
"We need the location of some demon named Crowley."
Three days later we were all leaned up against the car when Dean got a call and put it on speaker.
"The demon Crowley is making a deal; even as we speak, it’s—going—down."
"Going down? Right. Okay, Huggy Bear, just don’t lose him." I slapped dean in the arm. He shouldn’t be rude to Cas.
"I won’t." he paused. "I followed him. It’s not far, but—it’s layered in Enochian warding magic. I can’t get in."
"That’s okay, Cas! You did great. We’ll take it from here. Thank you dear" I said.
"Yeah thanks Cas" Dean said as he hung up.
"Okay so what’s the plan again?" I personally wanted to go in but no, they’re sending Jo because Crowley would never know who Jo is. Yeah okay. I know they’re just nervous because Cas told them about how the angels claim I am going to die.
"Jo goes in and pretends to be lost kicks some ass and helps us get in there." Dean said.
Five minutes later I stabbed through a second demons neck with Ruby’s knife.
"Nice work Jo." Dean smiled at her.
"Okay shall we?" I exclaimed pulling out a pair of wire cutters and cutting the electricity.
"It’s Crowley right?" Sam asked
"Finally, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew have found me. However, I don’t remember Nancy Drew being so pleasing to the eye. Took you long enough."Crowley said in his rough british accent raking your body with his eyes.
He looked down acknowledging the devils trap Dean placed on the bottom of his rug.
"Do you know how expensive that rug is?"
"Do you think I give a damn?" I questioned back.
"Oh look Nancy Drew has an attitude as well. Cute."
Men then grabbed us all from behind. Crowley picked up the gun Dean had been holding.
"This is what it’s all about isn’t it?" He asked as he aimed the gun at Dean’s head. Then adjusted the aim and shot the three men with it.
"We need to talk. Privately."
He then lead us into another room.
"What the hell is this?" Dean questioned
"Do you know how deep I could have buried this thing?"
He waved a hand closing the door.
"There’s no reason you or anyone should know this even exists, except that I told you." He continued.
I snorted as Sam said what everyone was thinking.
"You told us?"
"Rumors, innuendo, sent out on the grapevine."
"Why tell us anything?" Sam asked
Crowley aimed the gun at me this time.
"I want you to take this thing and empty it into Lucifer."
"Uh-huh, okay, and why exactly would you want the devil dead?"
He put the gun down.
"It’s called survival. I forgot at best you three are functioning morons."
"You’re functioning…morons…" Dean replied.
"Nice reply Dean." I laughed.
"Lucifer isn’t a demon, remember? He’s an angel. An angel famous for his hatred of humankind. To him, you’re just filthy bags of pus. If that’s the way he feels about you, what can he think about us?"
"But he created you."
"To him, we’re just servants. Cannon fodder. If Lucifer manages to exterminate humankind, we’re next. So, help me, huh? Let’s all go back to simpler, better times, back to when we could all follow our natures. I’m in sales, dammit! So what do you say if I give you this thing, and you go kill the devil?"
He held the gun out to us. When no one grabbed it he wiggled the handle. I finally reached out cautiously and took it.
"Great." I responded
"Great." Crowley said back to me
"You wouldn’t happen to know where the devil is, by chance, would you?" Sam asked
"Thursday, birdies tell me, there’s an appointment in Carthage, Missouri."
I glanced at Dean and he nodded. That’s when I put the colt between Crowleys eyes.
I pulled the trigger. What does it do? Clicks.
"Oh, yeah, right, you’ll probably need some more ammunition."
He went over to his desk.
"Oh, uh, excuse me for asking, but aren’t you kind of signing your own death warrant? I mean, what happens to you if we go up against the devil and lose?" Dean sure does know what to say.
"Number one, he’s going to wipe us all out anyway. Two, after you leave here, I go on an extended vacation to all points nowhere. And three, how about you don’t miss, okay! Morons"
Crowley threw something at Dean, who caught it and opened it. Bullets for the colt. When Dean looked up Crowley was gone. Sam sighed.
That night at Bobby’s I looked at the table. Five full shot glasses in a row next to a row of three upside-down shot glasses, a gap, and a full shot glass. Another glass is placed upside-down in the gap. Jo drank from a beer bottle. Ellen drained her fifth and put it back upside-down.
I downed my fourth quickly catching up with her.
"All right, big boy." Ellen said to Cas.
He then drained all five of his in a row.
"I think I’m starting to feel something."
I chuckled as Jo gawked and grinned
We continued are drinking game until Bobby yelled for us.
"Everybody get in here! It’s time for the lineup. Usual suspects in the corner"
"Oh come on, Bobby. Nobody wants their picture taken." Ellen smiled at him.
"Hear hear" Sam said.
"I wanna do it!" I said getting in line pulling Castiel along with me as Bobby finished setting up the tripod.
"Anyway, I’m gonna need something to remember your sorry asses by" Bobby said
"Such an optimist." Ellen joked with him.
We all smiled as the camera flashed.
Okay okay sorry to interrupt everyone but I have to look at my copy of the photo if I can find it. It’s been years. Ahh yes I found it. I told you in the beginning of this that this is my story. My recollection of what happened why I was with the Winchesters for all those years. Continuing on with this story then.
I remember that next day so vividly. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I’ll never forget Ellen and Jo. To make that long day and short one for you, Jo was attacked by hellhounds. All of us were. Ellen and Jo sacrificed their lives to get us to Satan.
When we finally found him Dean shot him with the colt. The motherfucker didn’t die. I remember Castiel saving us.
When Cas pulled us out of where Lucifer was we appeared at Bobby’s first. Then in a flash me and Cas were in the nicest hotel room I’d ever been in.
" I figured you’d appreciate being out of there." He smiled sadly at me. I lost it and latched my arms around his neck. Sobbing. My tears soaking into his trench coat. I cried for Jo and Ellen. I cried for Dean and Sam. I cried for Cas and Bobby. I cried for my mom and brother. I cried for me. This was it. We were all going to die. I was crying because the fate of the world rested in my band of misfits hands. We were failing.
As Castiel hugged me tight I wished it were different. I wish he was human and I wished I had that crummy apartment back and that me and him could be together.
"I wish that as well Haley." He said looking into my eyes.
"What?" I said looking up at him.
"We’re very strongly bonded ever since you agreed to let me look out for you. I can read your mind now when you are in emotional turmoil"
"So you know…"
"That you like me? Yes. Haley I have such strong feelings for you, like nothing I have ever felt before with any other human or angel. You are so beautiful and kind and perfect and I would like to do what I believe is called ‘making love’ to you? But it is supposed to be a very intimate human act so I understand if you do not wish to do so with me…” He trailed off, looking deeply into my eyes, baring his soul to me and I smiled brightly at his sweet words, already trying to pull his tie off of him..
“I have strong feelings for you too Castiel as you know,you’re sweet and caring and I want to be “intimate” with you.” I chuckled what an awkward way to say you wanna fuck. But Castiel beamed back at me, embracing me tightly.
I finally managed to wrestle off and discard his tie, racing my hands up to intertwine my fingers in his thick, dark hair pulling his lips back on to mine. His lips moved with purpose and passion, enjoying every second of my wonderful, sweet taste. I stumbled back onto the bed, pulling Cas on top of me so I could grind my hips against the growing bulge in his trousers. I chuckled as he let out a deep guttural groan at my movements and he reached down and pulled my t-shirt over my head to reveal more of my figure.

I reached behind my back, removing my bra and tossing it aside as Castiel’s eyes drank me in, I could hear his heart pounding heavily in his chest. He surveyed every inch of me in awe before finally leaning forward pecking my chest with soft kisses, his hands feverishly roaming over my stomach and hips. I moaned as he took my nipple between his lips, licking and sucking while his hand massaged the other breast tenderly. As the sensations sent pleasure through me, his kisses moved lower, making me smile.

Castiel hooked his fingers into the waistband of my shorts and panties, flashing his eyes up to my face to ensure it was still what I wanted. I sent him a smile and nodded down to him.He quickly slid off my remaining clothes. He planted caring kiss on my inner thighs and his finger circled my clit, leaving me moaning his name into the hotel pillow. He moved slowly and deliberately, making the most of the moment slowly slipping a finger into my hot, damp centre. He shuddered with bliss as he felt how excited I was to be with him as he pumped a few times before slipping in another finger, his eyes sparkling as he watched me arch my back at his fantastic touch.

He curled his fingers forward to hit my g-spot as he massaged my walls with his fingers, his lips moving so he could suck my clit, darting his tongue over it for extra amazing sensation. My moans grew louder as he worked, he hummed in approval at the sound of me practically singing his name, which just made me even more sensitive. He felt amazing but I wanted to be closer to him, I pulledhis face back up to mine and quickly undid his trousers, helping him kick them off along with his boxers.

I smiled as I finally got the chance to fully appreciate Castiel’s vessel in all its majesty and grew even hotter feasting my eyes on his toned stomach and hard manhood throbbing between his legs. His lips crashed against mine as I lined him up with my slit, I held his hips to slowly push him inside me. We moved slowly since he was a considerable size and filled me completely but after a few passionate, lustful kisses from Cas I was ready, and bucked my hips against his.
He started tantalisingly slowly, barely even rolling his hips, while his hands explored my body, lifting my legs so that I wrapped them around his waist.

“Faster Castiel, please.” I pleaded and almost came undone just from the look of burning desire in his eyes as he heard my prayer. He picked up the pace, moving quicker and stronger hitting mysweet spots and making me moan with every thrust. I clutched at his muscular back, holding him against me, wanting to hear every gasp and grunt that escaped my angel’s perfect lips. He moaned myname and pored over my blissful smile and the joyful way my eyes shone as he moved, firmly convinced I was the most perfect being in the universe. His own face twisted in pleasure and disbelief that he was finally in bed with me, and I had to force back a chuckle at watching the usually composed and graceful angel coming undone.

He grazed the back of his hand over my tattoo like he was appreciating a masterpiece as he stroked down your front, his fingers stopping between my legs, beginning to rub my clit again, bringing me close to the edge. I wriggled beneath his rough motions, feeling the coil inside me tightening as Castiel moaned incoherent sentences, his words muffled by his heavy breathing and grunt,

“Beautiful…Feel so good…my amazing human…Unreal.” I felt his warmth shoot into me, sending my own orgasm ripping through me. My walls clenched as I tightened my legs around Castiel, riding him to make the most of the intense pleasure washing over me. I had never had an orgasm this strong and it took all my willpower not to scream ‘Oh God’ figuring it might not be the right thing to say in front of an angel of the lord. So I opted for screaming “Oh Castiel.” Instead. I came down from my high and Castiel crashed on the bed next to me, keeping me clutched to his chest in a warm embrace. He kissed my head and nuzzled his face into my hair, fully appreciating the opportunity to have me in his arms after so much time spent admiring me from afar.

“I can see why that is such an intimate act; it is like nothing I have ever felt before. You are truly extraordinary haley.” He beamed, kissing me lovingly and sighing as he regained his breath.

“You’re pretty wonderful too Cas. And if you enjoyed it, we still have time before the world ends entirely, right?” I smirked as my angel’s face lit up even more, looking down at me like I was the centre of his world.

“Yes I liked it very much. We can do it again.” He grinned.
Well then that changed things. I’m ending this chapter here. This was the day in my nightmare world my angel became a light.