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3. Erasmea is straight and so he will not be having any romantic plots with characters of the same gender. Meaning no femslash or yori. Also, Hartwin and Genovefa are married. To each other. As in, both are off limits.

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Hartwin is a politician, Genovefa is a lawyer, and their daughter Erasmea is a student at a fairly high-end local high school.


The Potterverse AU, in which Hartwin is a member of the Ministry of Magic. Genovefa, his wife, helps him from the sidelines and manages many of the Fabre family’s financial and business-related matters. Erasmea is attending Hogwarts. She is a Hufflepuff.

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Hartwin and Genovefa in college, before they were married. Mostly pointless fluff and adorbs.


AGE: 40

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Genovefa Fabre

FACE CLAIM: Aiba Masaki

Hartwin is the son of a politician and, following in his father’s footsteps, went into the political field as well. With his Father’s influence and financial backing and his public appeal, he was able rise in the ranks fairly quickly. Even so, he is not as corrupt as many of those around him. It is a daily struggle to resists the temptations of power, money, and lies that so thoroughly entangle the system. He still keeps his morals and ideals from when he initially went into the field. His wife and his moral convictions help him stay on track. He loves his wife and daughter and would do practically anything for them.


AGE: 42

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Hartwin Fabre

FACE CLAIM: Penelope Cruz

Genovefa is from a family of moderate wealth. She attended law school, pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer. She met Hartwin, who was two years her junior, there. After a bit of prompting from her end, because he really was timid with girls he liked, they started dating. After both graduated, they were happily married. She continued her work as an out-standing lawyer and gained much appraisal in her field. Genovefa loves her husband and will support him in whatever he does so long as she does not consider it self-destructive or out-right wrong. If it does fall into either of those categories, she will make it quite clear to him exactly what her issues with the action are. After several years of dating and then several years more of marriage, they have worked out how to manage these conflicts.


AGE: 15


FACE CLAIM: Annalise Basso

Erasmea is the daughter of Hartwin and Genovefa Fabre, but she is not related to her mother by blood. Genetically, she is the daughter of Hartwin and a woman he had an affair with near the beginning of his career. She was a manipulative, self-centered woman who was entirely after his money, but knew how to play the part of someone sweet and endearing. She went out of her way to seduce him, hoping he would leave his wife for her. Hartwin did not. In fact, he did quite the opposite of what she planned. After one night of a mistake, he panicked and  cut off all communications with her, guilt-ridden with what he had done. No matter how many times she tried to contact him, he would not respond. Finally, it seemed she had given up. However, a year later a child showed up on his doorstep. Literally. She left her child on his doorstep with a note. She was trying to use the leverage of having a child to get him back, but it back-fired when Genovefa, Hartwin’s wife, took the child in. She revealed to her husband that she knew about the affair all along, but wasn’t going to make an issue of it because he straighten himself out on his own and she didn’t want to bring unnecessary shame to him. However, he was going to accept the consequences of his actions. She told him he was going to keep this child, he was going to raise his child, and he was going to love this child because if she was already going to grow up without her mother she was damn well going to have her father in her life. He took it to heart. They named her Erasmea, which means lovable, and raised her as their own, making it even look good in the public eye. After all, they were adopting this poor abandoned baby girl. Such an act of kindness.

Erasmea went to an upscale private elementary school, but switched over to homeschooling with private tutors for middle school and her first year of high school. She is now considering transferring into a local private school after meeting some new friends who go there.

She is a very gentle, quite girl who comes across as timid and shy at first, but she, very much like her parents, is strong and will hold steadfast to her convictions. She’s totally a daddy’s girl and considers her mom (Genovefa) to be her best friend.