So this is for that anon.

The first picture shows November 2011 to June 2012.

The second one is one i took a few minutes ago in my stage of “recovery” at 118lbs.

I Went from 138 to 121 on the Abc diet when i relapsed November of last year, I also got extremely sick and made a condition of mines worse because of it. i was in and out the hospital a lot during that time and my body rejected certain medicines. You don’t want to have to deal with this. the counting, the calories,the relapses , the purging, the starving,how it becomes a part of your life. the need to lose more and more & the wanting to die when you gain a pound.  how hard it is to get overcome it. i went a year and a half without purging till i caved in and i got so much worse. the lowest i ever was July 2010 when i was 87 pounds,stomach caving in, hip bones sticking out and despite being below weight  with my 4’11 height i still felt horrible so i continued till the night my heart almost gave out and i was sent to an inpatient center. You can only control it to a certain point till it controls you and its scary. I’ve seen so many girls, I know so many girls going through what i did and still am because recovery? let me tell you, its hell and a part of me hates myself more for even attempting to not lose anymore weight. I was 13 When I was diagnosed with a eating disorder. I’m 18 now. 5 years. Its not easy, Its not worth it.

Please whoever you are, you don’t want this. 

None of this. You’re beautiful, Please don’t do this to yourself.

& for anyone trying to recover, I wish you the best, stay strong.