It’s the Twelve Days of Doctor Who and today is all about generosity. It’s that time of year filled with tons of cheer and good feels, but it’s also a time of year when some of us can feel kinda gloomy.

So today we should all DO A NICE THING FOR A FELLOW WHOVIAN BECAUSE DOING NICE THINGS FOR NICE PEOPLE IS NICE. We’ll be doing things all day and putting some of your posts up on the blog.

Here are some ideas of what we could do for each other:

  • Bake someone cookies
  • Shovel our neighbor’s yard
  • Send a nice message to a fellow Whovian 
  • Make a post about a cool Doctor Who fan
  • Send a friend an e-card
  • Make a present for a sibling
  • Make a funny Blingee for a friend
  • Tell the person who introduced us to Doctor Who how much we appreciate them whether it be our mom/dad/brother/sister/friend/dog/physics teacher/neighbor/librarian/coworker
  • Watch our best friend’s favorite episode of Doctor Who with them

Let’s do our best to make people happy and make the not-so-fun things we have to do a little bit easier for each other. Make sure you tag your posts with #Twelve Days of Doctor Who so everyone can see them.


Building Beautiful

Sketchy and non sketchy, just like the last time. This time we have the generosity model, Rarity, who insists on making her wardrobe before she’s even finished so that she can have a quote “Grand Entrance”. Go follow Egophiliac and Steamquestria if haven’t already dones so.




When some fans who attended Michael’s Madison Square Garden concerts on September 7 and 10, 2001, were stranded in New York when air traffic halted after 9/11, Michael assigned a bodyguard, paid for several of them to stay in the Helmsley Palace Hotel, chartered a bus to take them shopping, and covered all their expenses until they could return home. “The Spanish Embassy said they couldn’t help me,” Dulce remembered, “but Michael did.
—  Michael Gross, “Starstruck”, on how Michael Jackson took care of fans stranded in New York after 9/11
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Three German Students Surprise a Homeless guy

Shared humanity. Hope. Music. Singing. Generosity. Kindness. Humans are awesome!

An update on how we are doing...

Our little guy is staying in upstate NY with his Granny so Jeff and I have had some rare alone time this last week (thank you Mum!!!). Jeff is very tired and needs to sleep a lot but we have made it out to the MOVIES and even went to a grownup party at NIGHTTIME. Those of you who are also parents of young children know exactly what I’m talking about. We also spent a couple of nights in a perfect, bay front cabin on stilts at Nick’s Cove on Tomales Bay. It’s only 30 minutes from us but it was like visiting a far away land (maybe because there are no giant trees blocking the view?)


We’re a week into Jeff’s 3rd round of chemo. It’s going well. The Thing has already shrunk, a lot. The current plan is to do 6 rounds followed by radiation and gamma knife on various bits of him. He has surgery soon to put a pin in his hip (he has a complete fracture of his femur). As you can imagine, he hates having to use a walker and a wheelchair and we’re hoping the surgery will give him back his mobility.

We are realizing that this is a long road. Speaking for myself I’m gradually adjusting from emergency mode to some kind of acceptance of our new life. Not always though. Occasionally I have to get in the car, drive down the hill and have a good scream.

We’ve been floored by the generosity of friends and neighbors who have helped so much: picking up Alex from preschool, having him for playdates and sleepovers, bringing us meals, etc, etc. Thank you.

And then (this is the part that is hard for me to write and where I keep getting stalled)….. and then there is you and your generosity. Our portion of the bills* have finally started to roll in from the hospital and the labs and the imaging center and the oncologist and the second opinions at UC Davis and UCSF….and ….YOUR DONATIONS ARE COVERING IT!!!!

(*What we will be totally responsible for is always shifting and hard to get a handle on. I seem to spend hours on the phone with medical billing departments and Anthem BlueCross, mostly correcting “coding” mistakes. I don’t understand how patients can deal with this unless they have a family member who can quit their jobs to stay on top of it.)

I can’t tell you what a weight off my mind it is not to have to worry about that on top of everything else. I don’t know what to say other than…..thank you. Really. Thank you. I can’t do it right now, but as soon as time stops being so compressed, I will be sending each and every one of you at least a thank you card. I can’t believe that you all care about what happens to us. Ok I believe it now but you’ve kind of blown my mind. Can’t. Write. How. I. Feel. In. Words. Ack.

(tissue break)

Ok. Onwards. One day at time.

My friends at ODC Dance are throwing us a benefit concert on July 31. They will be dancing and the Magik Magik orchestra and the Pacific Boys Choir will be performing the music (if it’s not weird to play at your own benefit concert and if I can get down to SF that night and do so without dissolving into a puddle I will be there to play “Optimist”, but I can’t promise).

Tickets here

Huge thanks and love, Z