I will never forget today. Taylor, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. I am so incredibly grateful that you would do something like this for me, and I will never stop smiling because of it. I am so blown away by your generosity and kindness, you have helped me realize what it is really like to be happy with myself, and for that I am forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Taylor, for everything.

also I have thoughts about love, on the heels of that flippant post I made earlier

because I think love—real love, true love, the kind of love we talk about, when we say love and mean itit’s about mutual self-giving. It’s the reason parents sit through genuinely horrific band concerts to hear their kid play six squeaky notes, and think it’s the second coming of Tchaikovsky. It’s the reason people move in together, and don’t keep track of who does the dishes which night. Love is why a good friend, a really good one, will hate who you hate without question, and smiles when you do that thing that’s yours, just yours.

It is a little bit of sacrifice and a little bit of forgiveness and a lot of just—day to day liking someone, choosing them, and all their dumb things that you don’t understand except that they’re theirs.

love is about mutual self-giving, it is pouring yourself out in the hope that someone will cup you in their palms and fill you with themselves. The most delicate balancing act of all, breathless and true and full of kindness, full of generosity, and profound.

Loki is recovering well post surgery, and almost back to his old self, freaking out about pigeons on the fire escape. 

His bills are steep though, and we’ve raised a good bit thanks to all of your generosity! If you have a buck for our furry friend, he’ll probably let you scratch his belly. 

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With packed social and work calendars and her new film Zipper making the festival rounds, Dianna Agron knows a thing or two about looking great on the go. We caught up with the actress at Birchbox’s Sundance Pop-Up, where she shared her tips for glowing skin, secrets to finding great mascara, and how to stay glam on the go.

  • Your look: Eclectic yet sometimes quirky. It can switch from super feminine to masculine vey quickly.
  • Beauty from the inside out: I think beauty is all about having a kind heart, generosity and a sense of humor.
  • Exercise regime: I love Pilates and a good dance class. I travel with resistance bands or boxing gloves for a quick workout in the hotel room.
  • Beauty essential: Good mascara is really important. I am currently loving the W3LL People Bio Extreme Mascara, which is all-natural.
  • Winter skincare secrets: Stay hydrated; drink water and keep your face moisturized. I also use Caudalie Overnight detox oil before bed.
  • Day to night look: I use Amika hair spray to add volume to my hair, add another coat of W3LL People mascara and touch up my makeup with a good bronzer.
  • Manicure or pedicure: Manicure.
  • Best advice from the pros: Good things happen to those who wait. Patience and persistence. Oh, and always keep beauty essentials with you on the go.
  • Necessary splurge: Shoes and coats. If you take care of them, they can last for years and years.
  • Drugstore favorite: Baby oil. It’s the best eye makeup remover.
  • Fragrance of choice: Tom Ford tobacco vanille.
  • Beauty icons: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Anna Karina, Sophia Loren.

The singer and actress shares a page from her beauty notes.

With packed social and work calendars and her new film Zipper making the festival rounds, Dianna Agron knows a thing or two about looking great on the go. We caught up with the actress at Birchbox’s Sundance Pop-Up, where she shared her tips for glowing skin, secrets to finding great mascara, and how to stay glam on the go.

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This is the best article I’ve ever found on discipline - especially this portion:

Lead by example. Act like the person you’d like them to be. When I say this, I don’t mean be a doctor and expect your kid to be the same. I mean really try to live by the general qualities you admire, i.e. compassion, patience, acceptance, honesty, generosity. Be kind, supportive and loving. Provide structure and safety, but then, let them be. Allow them to explore their world and discover who they are. Don’t impose unnecessary restrictions that reflect only what you want and not what they want. In this way, they will be drawn to internalize your positive qualities, while feeling the freedom to become the people they’re meant to be.

"The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding is dedicated to and modeled after the life and activism of River Phoenix, who at 4½ years old picked up a guitar and set out to capture an audience wherever he went to share the message of love, kindness, forgiveness and generosity”.

Heart Phoenix, (The Gainesville Sun Article, ‘2013.)

Windson Low Tech

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Looking forward to testing the Radiance lights and the Ewok pouch. Thanks mate!

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The Heart of Pride; Leo

Leo (The Lion)
July 23rd - August 21st

Associated planet: the Sun
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
House: 5th (Ruler of Pleasure/Enjoyment)

Associated colours: Gold and orange
Ruler of the heart and spine

The lion of leadership, confidence, and enjoyment. Leos take pride and pleasure in what their abilities can offer. They will find every ray of light they can gloat under to show the world just how talented they really are. Some key words for Leo are confidence, vanity, leadership, creativity, generosity, arrogance and gullibility.

Leo takes the crown for leadership. Leos tend to organize and lead things very well and quite naturally. Leos want to be recognized for this leadership they take pride in because they are so confident in what they do best at. Along with this confidence comes a little vanity that needs to be controlled. Too much reward given to a Leo will put this vanity into effect, but too little reward will make them question their confidence and ability, there must be a balance. There is always something someone can praise a Leo for because they are just naturally very talented and creative. A praised Leo does give back; they are very generous people and look for cries of help where needed.
Leo is also quite arrogant; their element contributes to this, but people are quick to forgive such a loving soul. Finally fire elements are often to be seen as naive or gullible, Leo definitely holds this trait inside them even if it is almost unnoticeable. 

Leo’s Compatibilities

A sign’s most compatible is their complete opposite and other signs within their element. A sign’s least compatible is any sign that contrasts their element.

Leo’s ultimate match is Aquarius, they sit opposite from each other in alignment. Leo is drawn by Aquarius’ great ideas and intellect. Leo wishes to grasp the knowledge from Aquarius and use it in their creativity and stardom. Aquarius is open to teach Leo their ideas on life and together they are truly king and queen. Everything about this match is perfection, especially their elements. Aquarius is an air elemental while Leo is fire. Fire needs oxygen (air) to grow. For Leo, this growth is their confidence and understanding their receive from Aquarius. Whether it’s partnership, friendship, or a relationship, Leo and Aquarius’ like-mindedness will go far as they sit on the throne of star-power. 

Leos are also very compatible with other fire signs like themselves; Sagittarius and Aries. Altogether they are very fiery and charismatic, they just naturally spark together.

Leo is least compatible with earth and water elemental signs. Once again, referring to the other entries of different signs, the relationship is not impossible, just very contrasting. Leo is often to arrogant or vain for earth and water elements which are often too sensitive to a Leo’s behaviour. Leo is least compatible with Scorpio and Taurus, mainly because of their elements. Scorpio will find Leo’s arrogance and confidence unbearable and annoying. Both signs want attention differently, therefore they could never make each other happy. Taurus is too slow paced for Leo. Leo just seems to over power Taurus, leaving the relationship unbalanced. Taurus want foundation while Leo is too free-spirit and all over the place. 

To summarize Leo’s traits; the traits that seem to attract other signs are their leadership, confidence, creativity, and generosity. On the other hand, their arrogance, gullibility and vanity can repel other signs.

The thing I find the most fun is finding the most beautiful thing in everyone like it may be their eyes or their generosity or their wisdom or their cute lil nose but there’s alway something beautiful about somebody and when I find something about someone I’m like omg wow you’re so cute ily